How Happy Are You?

ConversationWe were quite surprised to see the results of a recent Office for National Statistics survey that suggested residents of Warwickshire are, generally, less happy and satisfied with life than the national average.  More than 700 residents from Warwickshire took part in the survey, where people were asked to rate issues such as life satisfaction, happiness and anxiety on a scale of 1 to 10.  The results are presented below, where you can see that the average score for Warwickshire citizens was 7.24 for ‘life satisfaction’, compared to 7.41 across the UK as a whole (click on the chart to see the detail more clearly).

This is the first time these questions have been asked in a national survey.  We have a wide range of data on some of the factors that you might assume contribute towards happiness; unemployment, health, crime and education, but limited knowledge on how these things impact upon well-being. The Office for National Statistics was asked by the Prime Minister David Cameron last November to find out – or at least to work out how to find out!

We would like to improve our understanding of this subject and hope you can get involved in two ways.  First, you can take our version of the survey itself; this just asks the identical questions to the national survey, but will help build up a greater knowledge of results more locally.  Secondly, we’d like to start a conversation on this topic through this website.  You will see at the foot of the page there is an opportunity to add comments.  Why do you think Warwickshire’s results are lower than the national average? Are you surprised by the results? Are the questions helpful? How could the information be used to improve things?

Take the survey here.  We will publish the aggregated results once we have enough respondents.

For more information on some of the underlying factors that might impact on well-being, take a look at our Quality of Life in Warwickshire Report.

Please share this with other residents of Warwickshire – the more responses we get the more representative the information will be!


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5 Responses to How Happy Are You?

  1. Trevor Strong says:

    Can understand why lower score, North Warwicks is deteriorating with road conditions, business closures, etc. Also, having very elderly parents the struggle to get help from Health service, Social service and even the Police is very hard, tiring and depressing. Travellers are an increasing nuiscance and people feel unprotected and let down by authorities.

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  3. The government (through the Department for Communities and Local Government) has now published local estimates of well-being. If you visit you can type in a postcode and see an estimated ‘happiness score’ for your local area.

  4. Another update – the Office for National Statistics has published a ‘Wheel of National Well-being Measures’ interactive tool, providing updates on the indicators that are believed to influence well-being. You can view the latest statistics on measures such as health, relationships, economy and the natural environment.

    More information here >

  5. Here’s an article discussing how local government can influence happiness and well-being:

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