We would like your thoughts on ‘Ask Warwickshire’!

ConversationAsk Warwickshire is a new project for us, and is aimed at trying to engage with our residents in new ways.  This website is designed to act as a focal point for all the ways you can get involved and share your views on the issues affecting our county.  We describe in more detail what we are hoping to achieve with the Ask Warwickshire approach in the ‘About Ask Warwickshire‘ page.

Those of you on our Citizens’ Panel may recall taking part in a survey about three months ago, asking for your views on what different types of engagement and consultation would appeal to you.  It was clear from the responses that there is a genuine appetite to get more involved and contribute your views.  It was also evident that a range of different techniques and tools would be needed, to attract a good mix of residents and help make the information we collect more representative of the overall population.  For example, there was interest in Citizens’ Juries, Community Reporting, Discussion Forums and Webcasting. The results of that survey can be viewed here.

At the moment, we are launching Ask Warwickshire in a low-key way, trying to get some initial interest, make sure we develop it in the right way and build some momentum.  So, we would really appreciate your views on what will and will not work.  How can we get people to participate in our surveys and conversations?  How do you prefer to receive information about what is going in with the Ask Warwickshire programme?  How do you prefer to see information presented on this site?  Are we covering the right sort of methods for engaging with residents?

Please add your comments below and help us develop Ask Warwickshire in a way that will gather really good insight into the views and perceptions of Warwickshire’s residents.


About Warwickshire Observatory
Warwickshire County Council's home for information and intelligence about Warwickshire and its people.

4 Responses to We would like your thoughts on ‘Ask Warwickshire’!

  1. Jane Hunt says:

    Picture, maps, diagrams etc are sadly missing. Carefully phrased headings will be needed for articles with so many words so that readers can easily scan to see if anything of interest,

  2. Thank you Jane, that is exactly the kind of feedback we are looking for.

  3. Susan Davis says:

    Was thinking the same thing. It’s a bit wordy. Headliners in different font and/or colour maybe? Make it easier to pick out topics of interest to the reader.

  4. Bill Brown says:

    The layout I find is okay, I do not agree about different fonts/colours for headlines as it tends to make a web site very messy. Photos etc are a must.. Avoid long articles, they should be succinct and avoid repetition. Make good use of bullet points

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