Annual Pupil and Student Survey 2012

FeedbackThe Annual Pupil and Student Survey is an online survey that provides schools, colleges and partners with information on pupils’ perception across a broad range of themes from staying safe to being healthy.

The information is used by schools and colleges to prioritise their developments and in some cases to make essential changes to school organisation.  Many also use the survey results to support their Ofsted Inspections and self-assessments because consultation with pupils and parents is taking greater priority during the inspection process.

This Survey took place at the beginning of this year and schools and colleges have received a summary profile of their current results, alongside their previous year’s results (if they took part) and all schools within their school type i.e. Primary, Secondary or Special.  These profiles have been very well received and some schools are planning to share the findings, recommendations and actions with pupils, parents and governors.

The data is used by partners to monitor trends, and to make commissioning decisions.  Data about mental health and bullying, whilst positive, show that these areas still remain large concerns for young people in schools across Warwickshire.

The final Annual Pupil Survey report and Area Profiles have been uploaded to the Children’s Trust website:

Colleagues and partners are encouraged, at the Children’s Trust Area Partnerships  to read the report and use it as evidence to support priority setting and resource allocation.


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