Part-Night Operation of Streetlights

FeedbackFollowing the decision taken to operate approximately 80%  of streetlights on a part-night basis, a consultation took place in spring/summer 2012 to determine if the public were in agreement with those areas identified for part-night and those for full time operation.

Feedback from the public resulted in some areas previously identified for part-night operation changing to full time operation.
After this consultation the final locations that formed the public exemption criteria were:

1) Where there are potential hazards on the highway such as roundabouts, traffic signal controlled junctions, central carriageway islands, traffic calming features, road humps etc.

2) At formal pedestrian crossings (Zebra, Pelican, Puffin, Toucan, and Pegasus).

3) Areas covered by permanent Local Authority/Police CCTV cameras.

4) Areas adjacent to elderly people care homes, sheltered accommodation complexes and Accident and Emergency departments.

5) Lighting adjacent to operational taxi ranks.

6) Lighting on public footpaths, alleyways and cycle paths which are located away from roads.

65% of  survey participants declared that they strongly agreed with Warwickshire County Council’s exemption criteria.

All of the specific issues highlighted by respondents have been investigated and have led to alterations based on the exemption criteria.  There was an acknowledgement from the Street Lighting team that due to the scale and complexity of the network, there will need to be an ongoing process of reviewing and tweaking the scheme.


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28 Responses to Part-Night Operation of Streetlights

  1. Mrs Maureen Thomas says:

    Turning street lights off can’t come soon enough for me – I have one right outside my bedroom window. I can’t wait to get a good nights sleep!

  2. Damon Brown says:

    Having read the reports it is clear that part night operation of streetlights is the most sensible option available to the Council. Given the state of the nation’s finances it is right that the County Council looks to reduce costs as well as meet new envonmental targets. If, as the evidence suggests, crime is likely to be reduced as a result of this measure so much the better – after all, which of us goes to bed each night leaving all the lights in the house switched on? To do so would be irresponsible and wasteful. Why then should we expect all the streetlights to be left burning at times?

  3. Cllr Izzi Seccombe says:

    My Division of Stour and the Vale is a large rural area to the South of Stratford upon Avon. Many of my communities do not have street lights, but for those who do I can only report that they generally wish they were the first to have them Turned Off for the night period. As Mrs. Thomas has said “it can’t happen too soon”.

  4. It’s good to see these positive comments on the part night operation of street lights.

    • Damon Brown says:

      What I fail to understand is how one political party can, with any conscience, use this issue as a political football in Nuneaton and Bedworth and campaign against the plan when all parties were involved in the Task and Finish Group that collectively endorsed the plan in the first place.

  5. L Mitchell says:

    I cannot believe that the only responses posted here are positive ones. Midnight is far too early to be turning off street lights – young people in particular are still on their way home from evenings out, so how saving money can be put before constitutents’ safety is beyond me. Apart from the obvious possibilities of an increase in personal attacks and burglary has any thought been given to the number of unfortunates who will come into contact with the camouflaged lamp posts, that is of course, if prior to that they haven’t already tripped over the appallingly uneven paving everywhere….

  6. The County Council has announced an amendment to the street lighting policy. More details in this press release

  7. R Whalley says:

    I totally agree with the comments left by L Mitchell. This action will only lead to more crime and accidents. I tripped over the kerb after late night shopping at the supermarket that could have resulted in serious injury. It seems ridiculous that society has developed lights for illuminating our streets for safety and a whole host of good reasons to then turn them off to save money. I am all for saving money but surely these basic reasons for having them come first over things we now spend money on – it is irresponsible and the consequences will cause you to regret this action. Will you publish the stats for crime, vandalism, accidents and injury before and after as I am sure they will not make good reading?

  8. Arthur Whitney says:

    12midnight is too early. In principal – yes for lots of reasons but that is simply too early. Surely muggings of people coming home from pubs/clubs will increase?

  9. L. Mitchell says:

    Common sense has in principle prevailed, with the switch off being moved to 1.00 am as per the announcement in this article:

    So how come the lights were off at least in one part of Kenilworth certainly by 12.20 am on Tuesday night……..

  10. Further press release on this subject:

  11. L.Mitchell says:

    So the Council have changed their mind since the press release that appeared only 13 days previously….. in that one there was no mention of the new switch off time of 1.00 am only applying to Fridays and Saturdays. Has anyone on the Council done their homework??? When there is an establishment as large and popular as the Almanack that is open until midnight on Thursdays, (And no, I am nothing to do with the Almanack so do not have a vested interest!) it is simply irresponsible to be switching off street lights when customers – and staff – are making their way home. Come on, you decision makers at the Council – see sense!

  12. Jason Fojtik says:

    Turning off street lights is the most appalling decision the county council has made. Its like a curfew!!! People not able to walk home safely who have finished working in restaurants and pubs, people coming home after drinking will not be safe, car drivers will have no vision to the side of them as it will be pitch black, if just one person is injured or dies as a result of this crazy decision then all you councillors that voted for this i will hold responsible!! i certainly know who i will not be voting for at the county elections in may.

    • Greth says:

      I agree – it is a false economy – with councils pushing the ‘cost’ of their savings onto the home owner’s insurance when they are burgled, the NHS when they are attacked etc etc. For the average working person who pays their council they are ones with lights turned off outside their homes. It is a disgrace. Shifts workers cycling and walking in the early mornings risk being run over – as has already happened in L/Spa.

  13. The switch to part-night street lighting in Warwickshire is the focus of a public question and answer session next week. See for more details.

    Also, comments on the policy from Councillor Butlin, Portfolio Holder for Highways & Transport:

  14. Chris Boot says:

    I was not made aware of the initial streetlighting consultation in summer 2012, or the public meeting held today, so I will make my representations here. Switching off streetlights to save money is a totally reckless policy which gambles with the lives and security of Warwickshire residents. I find it incredible that the council can take such an arrogant decision to remove a fundamental service based on safety, just because they are under budgetary pressure, without a referendum of all residents! I heard on BBC news this morning that this measure will save £500,000; I contend that the lives and security of the people of Warwickshire is worth far more than this. I trust that councillors will re-examine this dangerous policy and reverse it as soon as possible.

    • Hi Chris, thank you for contributing to the discussion. Just picking up on the first part of your comment, about being made aware of the consultation and proposed changes. The County Council is very keen to ensure that information gets out to residents in as many ways as possible, and we welcome feedback on how to raise awareness of important local issues. The streetlighting consultation was publicised through the WCC website and local media via a press release. What other channels/mechanisms would have helped you become aware of the proposals? We can feed this information back to our colleagues in the Communications team for consideration in the future.

      • Chris Boot says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. If your press release had reached BBC midlands sooner perhaps they would have broadcast it a few days before the meeting, giving more people the opportunity to attend. I believe that if you have the facility to collect emails of interested parties, this may be one of the best ways. I note that you have not commented on the subject of my post, so can I be assured that my comments will be brought to the attention of the council?

        • Our Democratic Services team are certainly monitoring the content of this site and will be gathering all the feedback as part of the broader review of the policy.

          As well as signing up for notifications from this site (about new discussions, feedback etc.) you can register your email address on the Consultation Hub to receive alerts when any new consultations are launched. Visit for details.

      • Kevin Bailey says:

        As a resident within the area concerned, “going into the dark”, as I only found out last night when having an early start for work. I had no previous knowledge of any turn off as I do not buy a newspaper and very rarely see the news on tv. Just how are people supposed to be informed of these facilities we pay council tax for, which are now to be removed? There has certainly been no public prior warning in Keresley End. We have a lot of elderly and infirm, some of whom work late evening and according to insurance companies, we are in a high crime rate area. How long is it before the criminal fraternity recognise that they can no longer been seen?

  15. L Mitchell says:

    I would also like to pick up on this point as I too had no idea of the original consultation. How big was the press release? I read the Kenilworth Weekly news and do not recall seeing an article on this. How many press releases were there? Was it mentioned on local news or radio? I have also just today found out that the Green Man in Kenilworth is open every night until midnight – so again, it means staff and some customers will be making their way home in the pitch black. If so much as one individual suffers a serious assault under cover of darkness and as a consquence is unable to work again due to long term injury, the lifelong earning potential of that individual could be well in excess of the £500,000 that the Council say they will save by this ridiculous decision. If an individual falls down one of the many potholes in the dark,due to the state of the roads and suffers a similar severe injury, a claim on the Council’s insurance could prove extremely costly…..

  16. warksnews says:

    Hi, the media received press releases in May and June last year about the consultation. There was also a tour of all community forums in Warwickshire, all of which were publicised, allowing anyone to go along and express their opinions. We hope this helps.

  17. L Mitchell says:

    Exactly how many press releases were there and who actually received them? ‘The media’ is a little vague…….

  18. M. R. Griffiths says:

    Definitely in favour of the principle of part-night street lighting. If I was out and about very late I would take a wind-up torch to see the potholes and any other hazards.

  19. Hi L Mitchell, I have a summary of all the press releases,
    I’ll email these details to you.Thank you.

  20. Damon Brown says:

    I attended a public meeting about Part NIght Operation of Streetlights. At that meeting the County Councillor in charge of the project repeatedly stressed that the areas to be covered and the times of operaton were open to review in the light of more information from local people both in advance of implementation and afterwards. The fact that there have been some changes already, for example the timings, shows the County Council is listening. It’s just a shame that those who oppose the Council for policital purposes are so keen to misrepresent every aspect of this matter for their own advantage rather than acting responsibly for the good of Warwickshire.

  21. A question and answer session took place on the 15th January. At this meeting it was resolved that:

    1. The Portfolio Holder shares the minutes from his meetings with the Police regarding street lighting.
    2. That council officers produce a clear response to claims that part-night lighting contradicts the Highway Code and post it on the website and circulate it to the Committee.
    3. That the street lighting team answer all questions that had been submitted to the Committee and the answers be circulated to the Committee.

    The full minutes of the meeting are here

  22. In these exceptional circumstances Warwickshire’s street lights will remain on throughout the night while the severe weather continues.

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