Proposed new ward boundaries for Warwick District – what do you think?

ConversationEvery few years, the Local Government Boundary Commission (LGBC) reviews the boundaries used to elect local councillors. These Electoral Reviews look at whether the boundaries of wards or divisions within a local authority need to be altered.  Usually, the reviews are conducted to ensure fairer representation at local government elections after any significant changes in the distribution of electors.

The LGBC looks at:

  • the number of councillors on the council
  • the number of wards or divisions
  • whether the wards or divisions should be represented by a single councillor, or jointly by two or three councillors
  • the boundaries and names of those wards or divisions

This year, the ward boundaries in Rugby Borough changed.  Now, the LGBC is looking at Warwick District.  In recent years, the population of this area (Warwick, Leamington Spa, Kenilworth and surrounding rural communities)  has increased considerably, and the LGBC has decided that the ward boundaries here need to be revised.  Wards are the areas used to elect your local District or Borough Councillors (as opposed to Divisions, which are the areas covered by County Councillors).

On Tuesday 23 October 2012 the Boundary Commission published the draft recommendations on the new electoral arrangements in Warwick District, and is asking for comments.

Here is a sample of the some of the proposed changes:

  • A new Leam ward will cover the current Leamington Willes ward south of the river.
  • A new Sydenham ward will be created taking in the estate and part of the current Brunswick ward, which will be shrunk.
  • Whitnash will disappear, making way for a smaller Briar Hill ward.
  • Warwick south will be replaced by Heathcote and Bishop’s Tachbrook Ward.
  • In Kenilworth, St John’s will shrink slightly to make way for a new Windy Arbour ward.

In summary, the new look wards are very different to those currently in place.  Do you have any views on the changes?

You can take part in the formal consultation here.  We also wondered whether the Ask Warwickshire site could be used to host a local discussion about the proposals.   For example, is it easy to understand how the ward boundaries operate? Do you associate yourself with these areas?  Are the names representative?  Do you even care how these boundaries are drawn up!?

Please feel free to contribute your thoughts below and perhaps we can start to develop a sense of the local views on this subject.


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3 Responses to Proposed new ward boundaries for Warwick District – what do you think?

  1. Cllr Izzi Seccombe says:

    This is interesting and did you know that Stratford on Avon District Council are at the early stages of considering Boundary changes and reducing the number of Councillors. I wonder what people would think of this?

  2. The Warwickshire Observatory has produced a useful tool for viewing the proposals and comparing them against existing ward, division and locality boundaries:

  3. The Local Government Boundary Commission has now published its final recommendations. Details at

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