How satisfied are you with Warwickshire County Council?

ConversationWe  value your opinion on the services that we provide.

We are seeking your feedback about how satisfied you are with Warwickshire County Council’s services.

We would like to know if you are satisfied with the services we provide, how we run them, whether you trust Warwickshire County Council and other satisfaction questions.

As a Warwickshire resident you receive services from two councils, the District or Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council.

This survey asks about Warwickshire County Council which is responsible for services such as:

Road Maintenance, Street Lighting and co-ordinating Public Transport
Managing Waste and Recycling Sites
The Fire & Rescue Service
Schools, Learning & Education
Libraries and Museums
Country Parks
Social Care and Support Services

Some of the services we are NOT responsible for, which are the responsibility of your District or Borough council are:

Leisure Centres
Waste and Recycling collections
Council Housing
Environmental Health

Please take this opportunity to have your say and complete this short survey. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just moved into the area or if you don’t pay council tax. It’s important that we hear everybody’s views. Thank you.

Please click on the link below to complete the survey or have your say below.

The closing date for responses is the 30th January 2013.


About Warwickshire Observatory
Warwickshire County Council's home for information and intelligence about Warwickshire and its people.

One Response to How satisfied are you with Warwickshire County Council?

  1. Damon Brown says:

    I have had regular dealings with the County Council over the past 5 years or so. Overall, the level of service is satisfactory. I am pleased that the decision to move to part night operation of streetlights has been taken.
    Areas that are not so well handled include the adoption of new estate roads – quite frankly this takes too long and a more pragmatic approach should be adopted. Some roads in Bedworth are awaiting adoption after ore than 20 years.

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