Do you know how to get involved in Local Democracy?

ConversationLocal Democracy is at the centre of what we do at Warwickshire County Council.  The purpose of the Council is to provide services for local people, based on their needs, with the running of these services overseen by local Councillors.

Local people like you, elect their Councillors to make decisions about these services, whether it’s expanding local schools, opening community libraries, or freezing council tax.  All of these decisions are made in public and all of the details are available here.

Councillors will talk to local people before making these decisions , and take the views of the people into account.  This can be done formally through online or paper consultation or through individual contact to local Councillors.

The Council can’t be all things to all people, and we don’t always get things right.  We will always encourage local people to challenge us when we get it wrong.  There’s a number of ways that residents can get involved – in improving services and giving their feedback:


Why not stand for election, and help shape your local area? Our next elections are in May 2013. We hold elections every four years in Warwickshire, and anyone who lives in the County and is over 18 years old can stand for election, and become a County or District Councillor. Election candidates come from all over Warwickshire, and from different backgrounds. You can find out loads more about the difference you can make, and some of the day to day work of Councillors on the “Be a Councillor” website.


Your local Councillors are here to represent you, and to champion their local community. You can find out how to contact your local Councillor here. County Councillors hold meetings in Shire Hall in Warwick to discuss issues that affect the whole of Warwickshire, make decisions on your behalf and scrutinise the work of other Councillors and Council employees. All of these meetings are held in public and you can find out details here.


At the County Council we welcome petitions from local residents – they’re a great way to highlight your issue, and bring people together to bring things to the Council’s attention. From potholes to ethical pensions, we’ve received petitions on all sorts of subjects. You can now also submit petitions online, via our ePetitions facility. You can find out more about petitions here.

Consultation and Engagement Activity

This Ask Warwickshire website is a great way to get involved in decision making and to shape services by contributing to consultations and conversations taking place.

Do you want to get involved in local democracy?

Let us know what you do to help shape the services delivered by Warwickshire County Council.


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7 Responses to Do you know how to get involved in Local Democracy?

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  2. Eric Lawley says:

    Work on a new development on the Redhill site, in Wellesbourne, has just started with heavy machinery being placed in the field. At the presentation by the developer the siting of the access roundabout was raised as a potential hazard relating to the very close T junction out of the village onto the A429 where many accidents have occurred. The two junctions are close enough to be combined negating the risk.
    Also a pedestrian crossing has been identified between the existing Dovehouse estate and the new development, whilst this has a central refuge the volume of traffic at certain times of the day already makes this a hazardous crossing, linking the two estates will inevitably increase the numbers crossing and a fatality is a real possibility. The whole layout and crossing philosophy needs to be looked at taking into account the very likely increase in traffic which will result from the redevelopment of the airfield industrial estate with it’s proposed super market.

    • Hi Eric, I’ve forwarded your concerns to our Highways Team and Stratford District Council Planning Department who will provide feedback to you. Thanks for your comments.

  3. Peter Garrison - Highway Control Engineer says:

    Thank you for your comments. The roundabout design and location proposed has been subject to an independent safety audit and the only issues raised by the audit concerned visibility on approach to the roundabout and aspects of the roundabout design itself, both of which have been resolved. The proposals including the roundabout were subject to public consultation as part of the planning process during which the general public had the opportunity to raise concerns. There were no concerns raised to the Highway Authority as part of that process.
    With regard your concerns regarding the proposed pedestrian crossing, the refuge has been accepted as appropriate for the location and volume of pedestrians likely to use the crossing. This has also been accepted by Stratford-on-Avon District Council and by the Planning Committee where the refuge was seen as an important requirement of the scheme. The impact of the proposed development and the increase in traffic caused by it were all considered as part of the submitted Transport Assessment associated with the planning application and also the background traffic growth for 5 years post development. With regard the proposed redevelopment of the industrial park, the Redhill site will be required to be included as committed development as part of any assessment to determine traffic growth and impact.

  4. Steven Brassey says:

    Re: Part night lighting consultation or lack of it!

    Dear sir or madam,

    Myself and many others in the town of Rugby are both baffled and bemused by this idea. There is direct correlation between night time lighting and crime and the fear of crime.
    Turning them off will only create a bad atmosphere, more paranoia, more opportunities for burgalers and doesn’t offer any form of civic care or duty.
    Good LED Lighting can not only brighten streets and create a better environment, it also can save money on power or energy costs.

    Simply turning them off is no proper solution. Rugby is growing town and council tax is going up. I suggest that someone with a strategy and someone who actually cares about the people in this council should be running it. Seemingly the current decision makers have run out of any good ideas.

    Yours faithfully
    Steve Brassey

  5. The County Council will be meeting this Tuesday 5th February to debate the Council’s Budget and Council Tax for 2013/14.

    The whole meeting is open to the public, and will start at 10.00am at Shire Hall, Warwick. Why not come along and see some democracy in action?

    The proposed budget and papers for the meeting can be found here:

    All Councillors will be debating their proposals for spending in the coming year, including their priorities for services, and setting the level of Council tax for the coming year.

    You can find out more about the process the Council goes through to set the budget and how the Council spends its money here:

    For more information, or if you have any questions, contact or post a comment below!

  6. Another way to get involved – Warwick District Council are seeking two Independent persons to sit on their Standards Committee:

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