We are asking for your views on how to help children and adults with autism

Warwickshire County Council is launching a major public consultation to help find the best ways to help children and adults with autism and their families.

The aim is to get as many people as possible fully involved in the in-depth consultation which will inform and shape a new three-year All Ages Autism Strategy for the county.

1 in 100 children and adults live with autism in the UK and there could be many more who have not been diagnosed.

The All Ages Autism Strategy Consultation, which runs from 4th March to 31st May, is aimed at young people and adults living with autism (whether diagnosed or not), carers, service providers and professionals. The County Council wants to find out what really matters to people and what kind of support services would make a real difference to their lives.

A variety of consultation tools will be used to encourage people to contribute their views and aspirations.  These include an innovative ‘creative consultation’ that is unique and a first for Warwickshire.

There are two online All Ages Autism Strategy consultation questionnaires – one for young people aged 16 and under, and the second for everyone else, these will help test opinions and gather important feedback which will be used to develop a strategy that puts people, rather than processes, first and channels available resources where they are most needed.

Find more information here.

Please complete the survey  relevant to you alternatively leave your views on this topic below.


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One Response to We are asking for your views on how to help children and adults with autism

  1. As part of this consultation students from North Warwickshire & Hinckley College will be expressing their feelings on what autism means to them.
    To find out more follow the link.

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