We asked you how satisfied you were with Warwickshire County Council……

FeedbackDuring December 2012 and January 2013 we asked you how satisfied you were with the way Warwickshire County Council runs things, if we provide value for money and other satisfaction questions.

We now have the results from the 277 of you who responded to this survey.  This information is really useful for us to improve our services and identify any problems our residents may have.

The results from this survey are available here.



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4 Responses to We asked you how satisfied you were with Warwickshire County Council……

  1. i live in kinsbury, for the last 3 summer we have been trying to clear the bushes and trees in our garden to make it look like a garden again,the only form of transport we have is an escort van.we went to the recycle center with the house hold rubbish,as we missed the bin collection for the first time.we had a king size bed frame and the slats,and some bits of rubbish from the garden.they would not allow us to empty as it was an escort van,he was arrogant and cheeky both my husband and i have lung disease we nearly killed ourselves trying to put this stuff into this van.they spoke to him as if he was an idiot we ended up bringing it all home again understand why some people end up fly tipping if that is the way they get treated in these place we have always abide d by the law and never had to fly tip anywhere and never would,but how are the likes of us supposed to try and keep our homes and gardens tidy when we get this type of arrogance.time to change the cheeky arrogant people you have working for you.very angry Warwickshire tennant

    • Dear Ms. Hughes,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      Although there are vehicle restriction policies in force at all our Waste Recycling Centres – rightfully enforced by our staff – there is certainly no excuse for them to address anybody rudely.
      Although they sometimes have to be assertive with a minority of abusive individuals, we always ask staff not to get involved in any altercations on site but to respectfully ask Customers to address disputes with the Office, and Policy Issues with their Local Councillor – details on http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk
      In return we ask Customers not to abuse our staff under any circumstances, and as long as both sides respect their boundaries, then there should be no problem.
      If your Escort van is the only vehicle you have registered to your house, then you may be eligible for a Permit.
      I will ask the Manager to look at the circumstances of your case and perhaps your eligibility for a Permit

      Kindest regards,

      Chris Moreton
      Operations Manager
      WCC Waste Management
      01926 412593

  2. Dear Ms Hughes,

    Thank you for your valuable feedback.

    I note the content with some concern, as there is no excuse for rudeness on anybody’s part.

    Although staff have to be assertive in order to make their point with a small minority of uncooperative and abusive individuals, they should endeavour to maintain courtesy at all times.

    By the same token, we ask Customers to take up any vehicle or waste restriction policy issues with the office or their local Councillor – details on the website http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk or tel no. 01926 412593.

    Vehicle and waste restrictions are in place at all our recycling centres and rightfully enforced by staff. Failure to have such restrictions would result in a ‘free-for-all’ situation and an elevated Council Tax level for all residents just on waste management alone.

    The majority of residents respect this fact and would not illegally dump stuff, being aware that such an action would be a criminal offence.

    I note though, that you say the Escort van is your only vehicle – in which caswe you may be eligible for a concessionary permit (conditions apply).

    I will get the Site Manager to look at the specific details of your case and come back to you in due course.

    Yours sincerely,

    Chris Moreton
    Operations Manager
    Warwickshire CC Waste Management
    ” Communities”
    PO Box 43
    Warwick CV34 4SX
    01926 412593


  3. Laura Vesty says:

    Dear Ms Hughes,
    I would be grateful if you were able to provide a description of the individual and details of what was actually said to enable us to address this matter. If you could send the information to waste@warwickshire.gov.uk or myself using the details below it would be very helpful.
    Many thanks

    Laura Vesty
    Area Contracts Manager (North)

    Waste Management
    Sustainable Communities
    Warwickshire County Council
    Tel: 01926 412103
    Minicom: 01926 412277
    E-mail: lauravesty@warwickshire.gov.uk

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