Let us know what you think of your local Household Waste Recycling Centre

ConsultationWe are asking residents who have used, or have something to say about, any of the 9 Warwickshire County Council run Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC), what you think of the service you have received.

Our 9 HWRCs are:

Judkins, Nuneaton
Hunters Lane, Rugby
Princes Drive, Leamington
Cherry Orchard, Kenilworth
Burton Farm, Stratford

The results from this survey will help us shape the future direction of the service to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of its customers.

You can complete the survey online here alternatively there will be a chance to share your views in person at each of the HWRCs this weekend (23rd & 24th March) or to be sent a paper copy of the survey please call 01926 412 593 or email waste@warwickshire.gov.uk

Please complete the survey which should only take a few minutes of your time, the closing date for the survey is the 12th April 2013 or leave any comments you have about HWRCs below.


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8 Responses to Let us know what you think of your local Household Waste Recycling Centre

  1. David Hopkins says:

    Why do the Recycling centres have less opening hours than most schools during the week? Surely the working day could be extended until 4-15 p.m. as a minimum as the operatives do not finish as they were still working at 3-40p.m. today.

  2. Alan Sharratt says:

    Just like to say that I think the opening hours of the recycling centre are very poor, having spent 1/2 hour loading car with waste, driving from Bedworth to Nuneaton and arriving at 3:19 to be met by an arrogant operator standing at the gate, hands in pocket, just shaking his head. First opportunity to go to the waste site this year as a working family the opening hours are pointless, no wonder there is so much rubbish dumped by the side of the road.

  3. Sue Cave says:

    The opening hours are crazy!!! Why close so early in the Summer? It makes no sense, please extend to suit people who work & or have children at school.

  4. William E George says:

    When Hunters Lane recycling centre opened everything was ideal. Seperate skips were provided for Hardcore & Soil at the exit, there was room for at least three cars, Now somebody had the stupid idea to site one skip for mixed Hardcore & Soil at the entrance with room for one car if your lucky.

    • Dear Mr George,

      Thank you for your valuable feedback.

      I will look at the issues raised with the Site Manager concerning the space and capacity.

      What I will say though is that where it was located before meant it was difficult to police and we had a number of users abusing the 3 bags per month/75kg per month limit.

      Because hardcore and soil are not legally classified as ‘domestic waste’ – irrespective of the actual source – then our recycling centres are not legally obliged to accept any amount on a free of charge basis. (The little bit we do take is purely discretionary)

      Therefore we are obliged to tightly restrict what we do take on a free-of-charge basis – and it is much easier to keep an eye on it in its current location.

      People can bring more – but this should be paid for by weight over the weighbridge.

      Yours sincerely,

      Chris Moreton
      Operations Manager
      Warwickshire CC Waste Management
      ” Communities”
      PO Box 43
      Warwick CV34 4SX
      01926 412593


  5. John Hall says:

    The road alteration around Princess Drive, Leamington have made the access for those in parts or Warwick, and I dare say north Leamington a pain, certainly not user friendly; how many others will be discouraged from using the tip and into using their grey bins for excess garden waste etc?

  6. Ruth Dixon says:

    In response to the comments on household waste site opening hours below… My name is Ruth Dixon and I work in Waste Management at the Council. I’m sorry to read that some people have experienced a problem with our current opening hours. In some cases, our sites’ opening times are restricted by planning permissions. However, last year, we did reduce the opening hours at other sites, and / or at additional times. The Warwickshire waste management budget has been squeezed by £4M from 2011 and 2015 and more cuts will continue for several years to come. The options for our service have been to close some of our 9 sites and retain the hours as they were, or to shorten the hours across all of them, but keep them all open. Faced with the options put in front of them, Councillors democratically elected to do the latter.

    There was a public consultation – widely publicised so that everybody could have their say – that started in July 2011, and following this, the reduced hours came in on 9th January 2012.

    We accept that not everybody is pleased with the decision to reduce the hours and thank you for your comments, which will be included when this policy is reviewed. Our priority is to minimise annoyance and upset the fewest people within the resource constraints in place.

    The initial results from the HWRC consultation show that not many people are aware that from April – September every Wednesday is late night opening till 6.30pm at all HWRCs except Stockton and Shipston (due to planning restrictions). As a result we will be promoting these summer-time extended opening hours. There are also longer hours of operation at the weekends, extended further in the summer.
    All opening hours are detailed on the indiviual site pages within

    Thanks again for your valued feedback

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