Library User Satisfaction Results

FeedbackIn Autumn 2012 the Library Service carried out their annual Library User Satisfaction Survey.

The total number of responses to the survey was 6,478 with just under 88% of these relating to Warwickshire County Council (WCC) managed libraries.  Twelve percent of the responses related to Community Managed Libraries.

There were some very good results; 79% of all respondents feel that the opening hours are good or very good and only 3.9% feel that they are poor or very poor.  Satisfaction levels were highest with the Mobile Libraries with a total of 81% of people saying the hours were very good or good.

Customer care is seen to be very good or good in all the libraries with responses for all the libraries combined being 96.5%.   Customer care in the Mobile Library service was considered to be very good or good by 99% of people.  Ninety eight percent of people rated Community Managed Libraries as very good or good.

Library User Satisfaction Results Report


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4 Responses to Library User Satisfaction Results

  1. Bedworth resident says:

    Love the library in Bedworth. Very annoying though how they’ve cut opening hours by such a lot.

  2. Bedworth resident says:

    Would be nice if the dustmen in Bedworth left the Bins where they found
    them. Instead of scattering them everywhere. This has resulted in my bin

  3. Bedworth resident says:

    Had a lovely walk round the well maintained welfare park in Bedworth. Superb.

  4. Bedworth resident says:

    The public toilets in Bedworth are so rarely open.
    What is the point ?.

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