Consultation on children’s disability services

The public consultation on the children’s Integrated Disability Service has now closed. All responses to the consultation are being considered. Final proposals on changes to the service will be presented to Cabinet on 12 September 2013. 

Papers for all WCC committee meetings are available at



As part of this consultation, we are carrying out public consultation events on the Integrated Disability Service. These events are for all of the public to attend and we are encouraging as many people to attend as possible.

They are:-

  • Oak Wood School, Morris Drive, Nuneaton, CV11 4QH on the 25th June at 1pm – 2.30pm
  • Welcombe Hills School, Blue Cap Road, Stratford upon Avon CV37 6TQ on the 27th June 2.00pm – 3.30pm
  • Lillington Youth Centre, Mason Avenue, Lillington, Leamington Spa, CV32 7QE on the 2nd July 10.30 – 12 midday
  • Camp Hill Education Sports and Social, Cedar Road, Camp Hill, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 9DN on Monday 22nd July at 10.30am – 12 midday

There are also two Parent & Carer Forum meetings:

  • Kings Hill Nursery, Kings Hill Lane, Coventry, CV3 6PS on Wednesday 12th June at 10am- midday
  • Hillmorton Manor, High Street, Hillmorton, Rugby, CV21 4EE on Thursday 18th July at 9.45am- 11.45am

We are inviting as many people as possible to have a say about redesign proposals for children’s disability services in Warwickshire.

Warwickshire County Council will be remodelling the Integrated Disability Service (IDS) short breaks and social care services to meet recommendations set out in the Children and Families Bill 2013 and to make essential savings from the service budget.

We have to reduce our spending by nearly £70 million by 2014/15 and all services across the authority have been affected. This is not a matter of choice and some difficult decisions have to be made.

The savings target for the IDS has been set at £1.7m which will reduce the service’s total budget to £7.1m from next year.

A significant proportion of the savings will be internal with no impact on frontline services, however, we need to seek views on a modernisation and redesign programme for short breaks and social care.

Consultation proposals focus on targeting support to those in greatest need by redefining eligibility criteria and aim to offer much more choice and control to families about how they access services.

This consultation will run for twelve weeks from the 15th May to the 8th August and depending on the outcomes of this process, recommendations will be presented to the county council’s Cabinet in September 2013.

You can respond to the consultation in a number of different ways:

Please find below further information on the Integrated Disability Service including more information on the consultation, a Glossary of Terms and Frequently Asked Questions:

As a result of consultation sessions……………

We have now held a number of consultation sessions to talk to parents and carers about the changes to the Integrated Disability Service (IDS) and following some of the comments we would like to provide some further information on the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

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25 Responses to Consultation on children’s disability services

  1. mrs m jackson says:

    It will make it even harder for families with disabled children than it all ready is. These families are under too much pressure and cutting costs is not right. If these children went into full time care it would cost a lot more.

  2. mrs m jackson says:

    It will make families with disabled children even more harder then it all ready is these families are under to much pressure and cutting costs is not right. If thesr children went into full time care it would cost alot more then it does now its all wrong

  3. Tilly Harrison says:

    I’m afraid I am cynical about ‘consultations’ – just a way for them to have a clear conscience when they do what they were going to do anyway – what difference will our opinions make? As usual restructuring (here called ‘modernisation and redesign’) is used to get rid of something. I also wish they would not use the words ‘choice and control’ – politico-speak to hide the fact that the most vulnerable will be left even worse off. I would be happier for choice, control and resources being left in the hands of agencies / charities I can TRUST to work on behalf of our children. It is more likely then that families not clued in to their ‘rights’ still get a fair deal.

  4. Judith Lindley says:

    Despite the laughable notion of ‘consultation’ which seems to be routine spin for every new disaster created by budget cuts, county government cannot simply impose these cuts with no attempt to gather feedback before they are implemented.

  5. KB says:

    Once again, why do we get the feeling that it has all been decided already and that the consultation process is pulling the wool over our eyes that we actually have a say at all? When it comes to social care and looking after those who really do need the help, this should be the last area where cuts are made. Whilst savings could doubtless be made on admin & logistics within departments to make cost efficiencies, the end users should never be compromised. False economy. As Mrs J above says, cutting services to teens & young adults in our society will lead to much higher costs later in mopping up the damage when they have gone off the rails through lack of support in their formative years. The IDS staff on the ground really know and understand what these people need and are passionate about what they do. Listen to them please!

  6. Thank you for your comments. We would like to offer reassurance about the purpose of this consultation which actively seeks the views of service users about how we can begin to redesign our services for children with disabilities.

    We have been open about our reasons for change which are guided by unavoidable financial pressures and government guidance into service delivery. Throughout this process we have engaged with the IDS Parents and Carers Steering Group. We also invited them to help us shape this document and we have incorporated their feedback and acknowledged their concerns where possible.

    We have always been clear that in making these savings we will seek to protect our most vulnerable families and ensure support is directed where it is needed most. The proposals detailed in the consultation reflect this commitment.

    Consultation is the best and fairest way for us to gather opinions to consider as we develop proposals once the consultation period comes to an end. If you are concerned about the review and redesign, or in any doubt about our motives please take part in the consultation and make sure your views are expressed.

  7. Bedworth resident says:

    Is this meeting open to everyone as I would to like attend?

  8. Dear Bedworth Resident.

    Thank you for your comment.

    As part of this consultation we are carrying out public consultation events on the Integrated Disability Service. These events are for all of the public to attend and we are encouraging as many people to attend as possible.

    They are:-

    Woodlands School, Packington Lane, Coleshill, B46 3JE on the 3rd June at 6.30pm – 8.00pm

    Brooke School, Overslade Lane, Rugby, CV22 6DY, on the 6th June at 6.30pm – 8.00pm

    Round Oak School, Brittain Lane, Warwick, CV34 6DX on the 11th June at 6.30pm – 8.00pm

    Oak Wood School, Morris Drive, Nuneaton, CV11 4QH on the 25th June at 1pm – 2.30pm

    Welcombe Hills School, Blue Cap Road, Stratford upon Avon CV37 6TQ on the 27th June 2.00pm – 3.30pm

    We hope to see you and many more there.

  9. my name is molly and i am 16 years old and i have a disabled sister who is severely autistic and me and my family are intitled to the short break services and we have a family key worker just a couple that are effected by this and without the short break service then we are no longer able to go on holiday and without the family key worker then we have no one. this is what the council does not understand. me and my mum are going to the meeting on the 6th June at Brooke school to put our views across and i have also had an idea to start a petition and get every one together in the community to try and stop this from happening because this is not just us that is effected by this all the other families that are in the same situation as us are effected by this to.

  10. Hi My Name is Steven Nurcombe.. We have a a Son of 8 who is Autistic..We moved from London to Warwickshire nearly 4 years ago and we currently get Short Break Sitting Service and have a Family Key Worker which have proved invaluable to us as we don’t have many friends or members of Family that could look after him.. So if we lost these services I feel we would really struggle..Alyson Bryant has been a rock for my wife at times, So I don’t know what she would have done without her…

  11. Thank you for your comment Molly – this will be used as part of the consultation. We also have an online survey if you would like to complete that. Glad to hear that you are able to come to the consultation event on 6 June at Brooke School it will be good to hear your views.

  12. Thank you for your comment Steven it will be used as part of the consultation. We will keep everyone informed of the developments of this consultation.

  13. tessa says:

    Please please consider the mental health cost to the community if we do not serve people at grass roots. families need support and sometimes it is the simplest things that can throw a life line. ILEAP IS ONE CHARITY THAT WILL SUFFER FROM THE CUTS. Please consider costs verses benefits wisely and think of the family who loses the benefit of a few free hours, or the child who loses the chance to interact, feel normal and included .. don’t be a council of just minds, be a council of hearts too.

  14. vicky says:

    I have three children, two with special needs, I am a also a full time working mum so life is extremely hectic. My son has complex needs and we attend Great Ormond Street regular and The John Radcliffe Oxford. When my son was born we had to feed him every hour via an NG tube day and night. At this point in our lives having a child already with needs then a baby with complex needs and working full time was a very difficult time in our lives. I suffered depression for 3 years and wanted to leave my husband with all 3 children on several occasions as I really could not cope and felt i did not want this life. My husband then went into depression once I started to come out of mine; it was if he had been waiting for me. We were told at the time this was a natural progression as we were both mourning the fact our children were not healthy and had problems. We had counselling from Great Ormond Street and they told us about 80% of marriages break down as they can not cope. I was put in touch with the IDS social team and got a child minder for 3 hours a week, it was a god send. It meant I could do food shopping without people staring and without having to stop to feed my son every hour. As the children have grown up we have been blessed to have Sue Morgan, whom all the children love and is now part of our family. Sue comes and sits for us two hours a week, which gives us time with our older child. My daughter went to young carers and the other two went to take a break summer club and we also used Ileap for trips that we funded ourselves but has now got so expensive as they have no funding anymore, so we have now had to reduce the trips due to the cost. I have the most supportive social worker Denise Lewis who is so on the ball and is always there if there is a problem. The point I really need to get across is that the council needs to rethink these cuts seriously as without the support we have had, we would not have coped. Marriages will break down which will lead to single parents, that effects the children. It will also lead to stressed depressed parents that will feel they can not cope and the only way to have a life of some sort is residential care or schools. This will end up in the long run less cost efficient so from a business point of view they will worse off. I love all my children to bits but we also need some sort of normality for ourselves to continue to be 24 hr carers. We don’t get a lot as it is, 2 hours a week respite and summer clubs and the odd trip so come on Warwickshire considering what a lot of us parents go through were not asking for much just the chance to lead a normal family life.

  15. vicky says:

    I forgot to say from last time, any one of the decision makers who feel they would like to try our lives for a while please feel free and contact some of us and spend some time in our shoes and see for yourself what it’s really like, then you will realize how valuable these services all are.

  16. Hi Vicky. Thank you for your comments. We would like to reassure you that that we will continue to offer short breaks support for those disabled children who have the most complex health care needs. All comments will be taken into account as part of the consultation process.

  17. Clare says:

    In our family, we don’t access much in the way of help. We have already lost our key worker, our social worker wasn’t particularly helpful. We do access the short breaks service. I see a lot in your previous comment “disabled children who have the most complex health care needs”. My child has autism. Our entire lives focus on what she needs/ wants/can cope with, and rightly so. But for 4 hours a month I get to take my other 2 children to the busiest noisiest places they want, I spend quality time with them, and that is invaluable. I am not in one of those families at breaking point, but I am worried for them. I appreciate that cuts need to be made, but I don’t think services need to be cut, stopped or excluded for all but the “complex”. There are areas of IDS that need to be streamlined and made much more efficient, which would save money. I think I can speak for a lot of parents when I say that we feel the cuts are inevitable, and we are too tired to fight the inevitable. It is a shame that these savings cannot be found from elsewhere in the budget, and these families and service users be given one less thing to worry about.

    • Helen says:

      Here, Here Clare. Like you I am tired of the fight. I have an Autistic daughter aged 9 and our whole lives are focused around managing her. Her elder sister even says (at the tough times) “Mum, I wish she’d never been born”. How heart-breaking is that. The fight for diagnosis, support and now educational statementing has led us to the verge of marital breakdown. We (the parents) are now in Relate and I take anti-depressants. I love both my daughters, they are fantastic, however the only reason I survive is because I had a brilliant social worker who cared, visited us, put things in place……Now, shes on maternity leave, the Sitting Service has been withdrawn due to funding, we’ll have to start paying for transport costs for the eldest to attend Young Carers (we can’t afford this – so she may have to stop attending) etc. Why can’t you guys at WCC hear our pleas. We need support, not cuts. Please look very, very carefully at the choices you are making. Our lives, futures and basic needs are in your hands, PLEASE.

  18. As always we value all comments, thanks for making your views heard. We’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions to the post above which will be helpful to understand how to take part in the formal consultation and the proposals and decisions that need to be made by the Council.

  19. Helen & Clare,
    As part of Warwickshire Autism Strategy we recognise the need for continued development of services to meet the needs of autistic children. Nationally and locally the numbers of children with autism are growing and we have a responsibility to ensure there are community based support services that can meet the needs of these children. We have to look at the way we currently deliver services and perhaps look at offering some of them differently. We aim to work closely with Warwickshire’s parent/carer forum to look at how we can develop services in the future. Thank you for your comments.

  20. We have now held a number of consultation sessions to talk to parents and carers about the changes to the Integrated Disability Service (IDS) and as a result of some of the comments we have provided further information to the post above.

  21. Alice says:

    The first thing I’d like to say is just how difficult it has been to try to work out how to ‘have my say’ in this ‘consultation’. Where is the proper data collection? Where is the organise and well-designed pro-forma or questionnaire for collecting views from the people that this actually affects? I am ending up writing a ‘comment’ on a web page that was pretty difficult to find in the first place. I have been round in circles clicking links that take me to pdfs with no questionnaire or pro forma for making a comment as I had expected. I find it hard to believe that this brief comment is going to make a real difference in this ‘consultation’ process. I could be anyone – there is no way of checking that my son has profound disabilities and that these have torn me and my family to pieces with already very little by way of support.
    We are still pushing to get a key worker which I can see would have been and hopefully will be invaluable in helping me out of the maze of different agencies and services who do not appear to speak to one another and who seem to hide any help or funding to the best of their abilities.
    After 5 or 6 increasingly desperate and tearful phone calls to IDS we finally got onto the short breaks budget scheme which virtually saved my life last year. Without this, well I just don’t know what we would do. Please don’t take our lifeline away. That’s all I can say.

  22. Posted on behalf of Warwickshire County Council’s Integrated Disability Service:

    Thank you for your comment Alice – I’m sorry to hear you have had difficultly accessing the consultation and will ensure that your views are incorporated into this process. We have ensured that we have captured all the comments outlined in the survey ( and also questions asked within the public consultation.

    Within the public consultation, children and young people and parent/carers have told us that they value the work of the key workers and we will ensure these views our incorporated into our service redesign.

    Thank you again for your comments, your views are important to us.

  23. Andy Crump says:

    Consultation survey online doesn’t appear to work today 4/8/13 @ 18.44

  24. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for flagging this up – the survey does seem to be working now. See link below:

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