The New Local Plan Development Strategy and Options for Gypsy and Travellers sites – Warwick District

ConsultationA consultation on the Local Plan Revised Development Strategy and options for Gypsy and Travellers sites start on 14th June.

On the 4th June 2013 Warwick District Council’s Executive agreed to consult on;

a) a Revised Development Strategy for the Local Plan, and;
b) site options for future gypsy and traveller accommodation.

The proposals in the Revised Development Strategy seek to support the growth of the district over the next 15 years including:

  • sites for 6,630 new dwellings through until 2029
  • land for 22.5 hectares of new employment land to meet local employment needs
  • a new sub-regional employment site in the north east of the district
  • a new country park
  • infrastructure to support the new development (such as transport schemes, schools, and open space)

The distribution of the development sites sees:

  • a renewed focus on brownfield sites (now taking 15% of all new proposed development, up from 6%);
  • a limited amount of development in the green belt adjacent to Kenilworth and Lillington;
  • significant greenfield development to the south of Warwick and Whitnash;
  • development in the 10 villages.

The site options for future gypsy and traveller accommodation include 20 possible sites or areas of search to accommodate gypsies and travellers. The council has to provide sites for 31 pitches. In general it is hoped each site will accommodate between 5 and 15 pitches.

The 20 options include sites in public ownership, sites that have been put forward by land owners and “areas of search” which will include parcels of land which are not necessarily supported by the landowners. At this stage, no decisions have been taken and the inclusion of a site does not necessarily mean that the council supports the site. Following this options consultation, the council will work up some more specific proposals for another period of consultation.

You will find lots more information here.

Find all the information about how to get your views heard here.  Alternatively, leave your comments below.

Please let us know your views by the 29th July 2013.


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2 Responses to The New Local Plan Development Strategy and Options for Gypsy and Travellers sites – Warwick District

  1. Chris H. says:

    I’ve mashed up an interactive map of the options for sites for Gypsies and Travellers. Makes it a bit easier to see some of the context.

    • Thanks for this Chris H, it’s very helpful.

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