Results from the Household Waste Recycling Centre Customer Satisfaction Survey

FeedbackThank you to everyone who took part in our Household Waste Recycling Centre Customer Satisfaction Survey earlier in the year.  Here you will find a summary of the findings and some feedback to specific comments made.

A number of issues were raised by you and we have taken this opportunity to provide responses:

You said: Requests were made to improve Judkins site, Nuneaton, including: better road surface, better traffic management, better site layout, request for a reuse shop.

WCC response: Warwickshire County Council have procured the provision of a new, state of the art, household waste recycling centre for Nuneaton, to be located close to the existing site and due to open in 2014.

You said:  There was a comment that the proximity of Grendon’s site to both housing and the busy A5 roundabout was undesirable.

WCC response: The good news is that on 12/06/2013 a brand new household waste recycling centre for North Warwickshire, called Lower House Farm, opened a few miles down the road at Baddesley Ensor. (The Grendon site is now closed and is up for sale.)

You said: Opening times received your lowest rating in terms of satisfaction and the comments back this up.

WCC response: 61% of respondents to our survey didn’t know about our later opening times until 6:30pm on a Wednesday in the summer (at all sites except Stockton and Shipston). So we have carried out new promotion about this – on the web, in local papers, via social media and in our leaflet.

You said: You talked about concerns with the policies we employ at our sites potentially encouraging some people to fly tip. The policies you were concerned about included the opening hours, the restrictions on non-household waste including construction and demolition waste and our vehicle restriction policy.

WCC response: When settling on these policies, our elected members consider the pros and cons of any decisions, including impact on increased flytipping, and they will continue to bear that in mind in future policy developments.

You said: There were comments regarding the inconvenience of taking chemicals and paint to Princes Drive, Leamington.

WCC response: The new Lower House Farm site now also takes chemical waste. Other sites are not able to accept this type of waste due to restrictions with our licences. However, we have a pilot reuse scheme for good quality paint operating currently at Stockton and Wellesbourne.  A chemical waste form (available from Warwickshire Direct) should be completed for any chemicals taken to either site, aside from water based emulsion paint. This process protects the health and safety of both the staff at the receiving site and the waste owner.

You said: There were some comments regarding the speed bumps at Princes Drive.

WCC response: The bumps we use are of a standard nature for a speed restriction level of 10mph.

You said: There were some comments about the new parking arrangement at Princes Drive.

WCC response: This new arrangement is based on research and advice from the Environment Agency on best practice regarding recycling centre layout. The aim is to eliminate collisions due to reversing vehicles.

You said: “The skips for garden soil etc. and building type waste are very high, making it extremely difficult to raise the waste to enough height to empty bags.”

WCC response: This comment has been passed to the operations team. Do ask for help from the operatives.

You said: “Princess Drive, Leamington is full, it should be relocated as it is badly placed, it should be moved to along Europa way.”

WCC response: There are no plans at this stage to relocate the Leamington facility. We appreciate it is a popular site, however access should improve when the local infrastructure improvements are complete.

You said:“We have a lot of animal bedding waste from rabbits and guinea pigs and have to put it in the non-recyclable waste. Surely appropriate animal waste can be recycled.”

WCC response: Although this type of waste can be recycled, the green garden waste collected at the household waste recycling centres is processed via open windrow composting. Animal waste is not suitable for this type of reprocessing.

You said:“I think that opening the centre to trade disposal would also benefit the community: make a small charge per vehicle, small vans & pick-ups only perhaps.”

WCC response: A scheme for allowing small businesses to dispose of commercial waste on a chargeable basis at more of our sites is currently in development.

You said: “Not allowing ‘walk-in’ waste disposal is not user-friendly”

WCC response: Health and Safety risk assessments carried out for ‘walking in’ waste demonstrate that this would be an unsafe practice, so it is not allowed. In addition, only allowing waste in via a vehicle allows us to better monitor the use of our sites for disposing of commercial waste.

You said:“Some other authorities allow ‘free’ reuse of unwanted items. If something is of use to someone which someone else has thrown away, people should be allowed to ‘have’ it.“

WCC response: All sites except Nuneaton’s now have charitable reuse shops and we encourage and promote the use of these by our customers. These shops are thriving, but not everyone who has reuseable items wants them to go to reuse. Once an item has entered the recycling part of our site, it is classed as waste and can only leave our possession to go to a facility authorised by the Environment Agency, with a carrier authorised by the Agency, accompanied by the correct paperwork. Frustrating as it might sometimes be, the operatives are right to not allow the practice. Our appreciation is extended to everyone who donates to and buys from the on-site charity shops.

You said: “More information on what is recyclable would be useful, especially objects which contain mixed materials (e.g. chipboard with metal or plastic parts attached).”

WCC response: This comment has been passed to our promotions team. Do ask our friendly operatives on site if you are not sure which container to use.

You said: There was a suggestion of a site map for each site to be published.

WCC response: This idea has been forwarded to our promotions team. We have recently upgraded our signage across all of our sites with high level triangular signs to allow you to see where containers are from a distance.

The full set of results are available here. Online HWRC survey 2013 feedback


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