Loan Shark Consultation Results

FeedbackIn May 2013 we asked for your views on Loan Sharks. The aim of the survey was to determine the public’s perception of illegal money lenders and to judge the reach of the Illegal Money Lending (IMLT) marketing materials.

From the results we found out that:

You were aware that an Illegal Money Lender is someone who operates without a licence, and that the victim of an Illegal Money Lender has not committed an offence.

What was not as widely known was the fact that you do not have to pay back what you borrow from an Illegal Money Lender.  As a result this will be added to future promotion and information materials.

The hotline is still peoples preferred way of reporting loan shark activity so this will continue to be promoted and maintained.

More could be done to promote anonymous reporting as it is believed that this will help people come forward.

The IMLT are developing their website and once this is up and running an online reporting form will be available to report loan shark activity.

You will find the full results here.


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