Warwick District Council’s Council Tax Reduction Consultation

ConsultationResidents in Warwick District who are on a low income can currently claim a council tax reduction. Warwick District Council are now consulting on what council tax reduction should look like from April 2014.

From 1st April 2013, Warwick District Council were required to have their own council tax reduction scheme to replace the national council tax benefit scheme. The Government told the Council that they had to either reduce the amount of benefit given to working age customers by around 20% or savings could be made from elsewhere within the council’s budgets. From April 2013, Warwick District Council decided not to reduce the amount of benefit a working age customer could receive and instead the Council based their reduction scheme on the old benefit scheme. The District Council now have to decide, what council tax reduction should be available from April 2014 and would like to know your views.

To have your say and take part in this survey, please click on the survey link below:

Warwick District Council’s Council Tax Reduction Consultation

Warwick District Council are consulting on four proposals:

  • Proposal 1All working age customers should make a contribution towards council tax. Some claimants can currently get 100% reduction so that they do not have to pay any council tax. Warwick District Council are proposing that no working age customers should get 100% reduction and that from April 2014 everyone pays at least 7.5% of their council tax, increasing to 15% from April 2015.
  • Proposal 2All self-employed customers should be gainfully employed.  Council Tax reduction for self employed customers will be assessed using an assumed minimum income based on the earnings of people in a similar employed occupation. This is similar to the approach being adopted for the calculation of Universal Credit.
  • Proposal 3 – Removal of second adult rebate.  Under the current system if a liable person’s income is too high to receive a reduction in their council tax, and they have another adult living in the property who is not their partner, they can claim second adult rebate and receive up to 25% reduction in their council tax. Warwick District Council are proposing to abolish the second adult rebate.
  • Proposal 4 – Protection for vulnerable claimants. The current scheme is more generous for people who have disabilities, who are carers, or who have children. Warwick District Council think it is important that vulnerable people retain some level of protection from the changes and therefore the scheme will continue to be more generous for these groups of people.

Any changes that are made to the scheme will not affect claimants of state pension age but it will affect all claimants who are of working age regardless of their income.

Warwick District Council would value your views on the proposals outlined in this survey.

For further information, please contact the benefits department at Warwick District Council:

Telephone: (01926) 412466

Fax: (01926) 456059

Email: benefits@warwickdc.gov.uk


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