Update on Consultation into Early Years services

icon-feedbackThe consultation into proposals to reshape services for families and children under five years in Warwickshire came to an end on Tuesday 27th August 2013.
(previous post: Warwickshire Early Years and Children’s Centre Consultation).

During the nine week consultation period:

  • 1,575 survey responses were received
  • 51 postings were made on Ask Warwickshire
  • 37 comments were submitted by email
  • 307 people attended 13 public consultation meetings

Over this time people had chance to express their opinions on proposals to save £2.3 million from the Warwickshire County Council’s Children’s Centre budgets by implementing Warwickshire’s Early Years offer.

The Early Years offer puts forward new ways for children’s centres to provide support services for under-5s and their families to make sure all children get the best start in life by targeting resources to families with specific and enhanced needs, whilst maintaining a range of services for all families. The consultation asked people to consider this offer along with proposals to make savings by changing the way some centres are managed and operated.

It is too early to say what the consultation has revealed as this information is currently being analysed. Final proposals reflecting the views of consultation respondents will be presented to Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet next month.

As part of the consultation, the Council’s Children and Young People’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee held a Select Committee on 14th August where they heard personal accounts from parents and the considered views of experts on the proposals for the future of Warwickshire’s Children’s Centres.

Recommendations arising from the select committee will also be included in September’s Cabinet report.

For more information please contact: childrenscentres@warwickshire.gov.uk.


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