Early Years and Children’s Centres recommendations

icon-feedbackThe Children’s Centres Select Committee will be reporting its findings and recommendations to Cabinet on 12 September 2013.

The Select Committee was set up in response to the proposed changes to Children’s Centres across the county, which were subject to an open consultation exercise which closed on 27th August 2013.

The  Committee met on 14th August to undertake a focused, in-depth analysis of the proposals in the consultation document and examine the possible implications on parents and children. Part of this included a full morning question and answer session, during which more than 50 Centre managers, staff and parents presented their views to the Committee. These included emotional case studies and personal experiences, which emphasised the value of Children’s Centres in providing individual support to families in a safe environment, building parents’ confidence and assisting with the early identification of issues, such as a child’s behaviour or health. The Committee also considered evidence from health partners which focused on the  importance of an integrated universal service with the Health Visiting scheme.

A copy of the Committee’s response to the consultation and nine recommendations, which will be presented to Cabinet on 12th September, can be found here: Select Committee Report


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