What is living in Warwickshire like?………What do you like and dislike about living in Warwickshire?


Reminder *only two weeks left to let us know your views*

Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board are carrying out a ‘Living in Warwickshire’ survey to find out views on what people like and don’t like about living in Warwickshire, what things need improving and health and wellbeing issues.  The ‘Living in Warwickshire’ survey has been sent to a random selection of households across the county.

If you have received a survey please take 10 minutes to fill it in and send it back before the 10th October and you will be entered into a draw to win one of ten £25 healthy food vouchers donated by Sainsburys.

If you haven’t received a survey – don’t worry,  we are encouraging you to have you say below.

Let us know, by commenting below what you like and dislike about living in Warwickshire, hopefully this will generate some interesting discussions!

The deadline for comments is the 10th October 2013.


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Warwickshire County Council's home for information and intelligence about Warwickshire and its people.

5 Responses to What is living in Warwickshire like?………What do you like and dislike about living in Warwickshire?

  1. S Taylor says:

    What I don’t like – urban traffic chaos. Likely to get worse around Leamington Spa if Stratford DC build their new town at Gaydon/Lighthorne and we’re expecting thousands of new homes south of Leamington courtesy of WDC.

    • Thanks for kicking off the discussion about living in Warwickshire. We’ll feed your comments in as part of the consultation.

  2. Iain C. Purvis MSc. GMIMechEng says:

    Upon what criteria are the recipients of this survey to be selected? It would be far more democratic if the survey were to be available either on-line or in paper format at easily accessible locations. If Sainsbury’s are donating prizes for certain respondents, could they not also stock a supply of the forms for general public use.

  3. Gareth Wrench says:

    Hi Iain. Thanks for your message. We have used a random stratified sample of households across Warwickshire in an attempt to get a broad but representative range of views and opinions on what living in Warwickshire is like for different groups of people in different areas of the County. The difficulty with providing an online survey available to everyone is that it tends to generate responses from particular types of people which can introduce an element of bias into the results.

    Whilst the survey attempts to find out specific information from selected households, this forum is designed to offer you the opportunity to comment more generally on what you like and dislike most about living in Warwickshire.

  4. Damon Brown says:

    Likes – many beautiful towns and rural areas with good links to national motorways and rail connections – definitely no need for HS2 in Warwickshire.
    Dislikes – urban traffic congestion made worse by local councils who overcharge for parking yet want people to visit their area to spend money. Worst e.g. of this is Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council. Also overzealous road signage and poor quality road surfaces with little consideration given to how this affects cyclists. That said pothole repairs carried out promptly when reported.

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