Autism Consultation findings

icon-feedbackDuring the Spring of 2013, Warwickshire County Council launched a major public consultation to help find the best ways to support individual and their families with autism.  The aim was to get as many people as possible fully involved in the in-depth consultation, which will inform and shape a new three-year ‘All Ages Autism Strategy’ for the county.  A variety of consultation tools were used to encourage people to contribute their views and aspirations, including an innovative creative consultation element that helped young people share their opinions.

The findings from this consultation are attached below:

In addition there will be a public exhibition at Leamington Pump Rooms Gallery displaying a selection of the images from the creative consultation from Tuesday 17 September – Sunday 6 October.  The exhibition will highlight some of the issues raised through the consultation process by children and young people with autism. It will also show the benefits of the different methods used and the creative consultation that enabled people to share their views in a non language based way.

The Leamington Pump Room Gallery is free to visit but is closed all day on Mondays, so please do go and visit if you are in Leamington!

These findings will inform the draft All Ages Autism Strategy, which you will get an opportunity to comment on, which will set the direction and implementation of the final strategy in 2014.


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