When did you last visit your library?


We have been asking people in Warwick whether we still need libraries and when they last used their library?  Hear what Warwickshire people are saying:

When did you last visit your library? Let us know below.



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2 Responses to When did you last visit your library?

  1. Damon Brown says:

    I last visited the Bedworth Heath honesty library about 6 months ago. With the advent of e-books and the availability of cheap books from charity shops and via the internet the position of the traditional library in society is changing rapidly. Does this mean there is no need for libraries today? In my view, libraries are still a necessity but they need to evolve to reflect today’s reading demand and offer other services. Similarly, they do not need to be provided is specific, traditional, library buildings operated by the Council. The Bedworth Heath honesty library is a good e.g. of this, though it would benefit from some investment in the premises to enable it to offer additional space as well as facilities such as a café.

  2. P. Hughes says:

    When I was a child with foreign parents the library was my link to find English and other voices, and as a teenager it became a very important source of information about the world. When I started work it helped me to study, and then it helped me to make sense of trade unions, employment law and all sorts of other details of my existence.
    As soon as I had children I started taking them to the library once or twice a week, and the brilliant selection of colourful, varied books made it really easy to encourage them to make the most of their education. What is more, the library has helped us all to be active in our local community, from local politics to finding answers to a neighbour’s problem.

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