Integrated Disability Service consultation on the proposed ‘Matrix of Need’ – Revised

*This consultation has now closed*

* This is a revised version of the original post  – please note changed date for one of the public consultation events – see below*

The Integrated Disability Service (IDS) currently works with approximately 2,300 disabled children and their families providing social care and short breaks services.  These services are delivered by both the local authority directly and by other providers who are funded by the local authority or by families themselves.

A 12 week public consultation was held between May and August 2013 on proposals to redesign the social care and short breaks services. These proposals included a tool used to assess individual need and eligibility to services and support.  This tool is called the ‘Matrix of Need’.  This consultation revealed that some respondents had difficulty in understanding how the ‘Matrix of Need’ would be used and how the support offered to families may change.

To improve understanding of the revised ‘Matrix of Need’ a further consultation into this specific aspect will now take place from 11th October 2013 to 8th November 2013 to help explain how this tool will be used and seek your views.  We will make further changes to the ‘Matrix of Need’ as a result of the responses received through the consultation.

The consultation document provides detailed information on the ‘Matrix of Need’ and how it will work in practice. The Thresholds for Intervention supports the ‘Matrix of Need’ and offers guidance about the type of circumstance and experience that combined may trigger a referral for additional services or specific intervention.

You can respond to the consultation by:

  • Attending a public consultation event on:
    • Tuesday 22nd October 2013 1.30 – 2.30 at Welcombe Hills School, Blue Cap Road, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 6TQ
    • Thursday 24th October 2013 1.30 – 2.30 at Oak Wood School, Morris Drive, Nuneaton, CV11 4QH
  • Putting your views in writing and posting to IDS Consultation, Warwickshire County Council, Saltisford Office Park, Ansell Way, Warwick, CV34 4UL
  • Letting us know your views below and generating a discussion with other Warwickshire residents.

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