Help shape the future for people with Autism in Warwickshire

Warwickshire County Council undertook a successful and innovative public consultation earlier this year to hear and understand the views and experiences of people in Warwickshire living with autism. The purpose of this was to ensure our All-Age Autism Strategy (2014-2017) and the services and support we commission for people with autism and their carers is delivered and shaped by this feedback.

All the responses received from the first stage of the 3-month consultation (March-May 2013) have been collated and analysed. People’s views have highlighted a number of key themes which have set the direction for seven strong strategic objectives. Each objective outlines what people told us during the consultation and how we plan to respond to these views in the lifetime of this strategy. This includes information and feedback from children and young people who took part in a creative consultation and family carers groups.

This second phase consultation provides another opportunity for people to get involved to inform and shape the All-Age Autism Strategy. We want to share with you what the people of Warwickshire told us, how living with autism presents challenges and also opportunities, and what makes a difference locally in Warwickshire. We also want to give you the opportunity to check we have interpreted your views correctly and also share with you how we propose to respond to these within the strategy.

The second consultation process will start on Monday 21st October 2013 and finish on Friday 29th November 2013.

You can get involved and make your views matter by:

  • Completing the All Age Autism Strategy Consultation Phase 2 – online survey
  • Completing the All Age Autism Strategy Consultation Phase 2 – easy read online survey
  • Request paper copies by emailing or phoning  01926 745142
  • Let us know your views below

Find out more information here.




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