Living in Warwickshire Survey – headline results

icon-feedbackIn Autumn 2013 Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire’s Health and Wellbeing Board carried out a ‘Living in Warwickshire’ survey to find out views on what people like and don’t like about living in Warwickshire, what things need improving and health and wellbeing issues.

From the 25,000 surveys we send out we received 7,617 responses which is an excellent response and gives us a true insight into people’s thoughts on living here in Warwickshire.

We are currently analysing the detail of the survey, however, here are some initial results:

  • 89% of respondents are very or fairly satisfied with their local area as a place to live.
  • Almost half are fairly or very worried about having their home broken into and something stolen.
  • Almost one in three do not feel very safe or not safe at all walking alone after dark.
  • Nearly half of all respondents were either fairly or very worried about day to day budgeting and the cost of living, with just over half fairly or very worried about longer-term financial planning.
  • 40% of respondents felt they were a little overweight with 6% thinking they were very overweight.
  • 18% stated that they had been feeling relaxed over the previous two weeks either rarely or none of the time.
  • More than one in ten stated that they had been feeling close to other people over the previous two weeks either rarely or none of the time.
  • Just over one in ten respondents would like to cut down on their current level of drinking.
  • 12% of people reported that they were regular cigarette smokers.  Of those who were smoking 34% were planning to stop, 20% were concerned smokers, and 16% were in the process of stopping.  However, just under a third stated that they were contented smokers.

When asked what people liked the most about living in Warwickshire the top two points were the easily accessible central location and the attractive surrounding countryside.

When asked about what they most disliked the respondents said traffic congestion and public transport provision – and  that Warwickshire is a long way from the seaside!

A further more detailed report will be available in March 2014 and the results will be published on this site.



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