Warwickshire All Age Autism Strategy – Results of Phase Two Consultation

icon-feedbackDuring the Spring of 2013, Warwickshire County Council launched a major public consultation to help find the best ways to support people living with autism and their families. The aim was to get as many people as possible fully involved in the in-depth consultation, which will inform and shape a new three-year ‘All Ages Autism Strategy’ for the county. A variety of consultation tools were used to encourage people to contribute their views and aspirations, including an innovative creative consultation element that helped young people share their opinions. The results from this consultation can be found here.

Following the analysis of the consultation, a second engagement exercise was undertaken, Phase Two, to ensure the information received from the first consultation had been understood and interpreted correctly. Two versions of the Phase Two consultation were made available, a full version and an easy read version.

You can find the report here which summarises the responses received from the two questionnaires of the Phase Two consultation. The Phase One and Phase Two consultation results will be used to develop a strategy that puts people, rather than processes, first and channels available resources where they are most needed.

The 2nd consultation ran from mid-October until end of Nov 2013, and we received a total of 108 completed questionnaires. A profile of the respondents to each survey can be found at the back of the report.


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