Warwickshire County Council – Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) Infrastructure Services Consultation

ConsultationWelcome to the VCS Infrastructure Questionnaire.

Who is this questionnaire aimed at?

If you are active within the voluntary and community sector in Warwickshire, as an employee or a volunteer, then this questionnaire is for you!

What is an infrastructure organisation?

Infrastructure organisations exist to ensure that voluntary and community sector organisations get the advice, support and representation they need to improve the circumstances of the people and communities they work with.

This questionnaire has been developed in discussion with organisations that may be currently providing you with support and assistance. It is being circulated by WCC with their support.

We welcome your views on these questions. Your views will help us understand how well present services are working and what services you would prioritise in the future. As funding becomes more difficult we are keen to make the best use of the resources we have.

This review is not a review of how well current infrastructure service providers are working. That is done regularly using feedback from service users. Rather, this is an overall review of what services are needed now and into the future and how best those services might be provided. We would like to know if the current services on offer are those you need and what services you are looking for into the future.

This questionnaire is being led by WCC. Your responses come straight to us for analysis. We will share the results with all the infrastructure organisations. However, in sharing the information, no response will be identifiable as coming from a specific person or group. Your views will be shared but there will be no way that you personally could be identified as having given those views.

Please find the questionnaire here. The closing date for responses is Thursday 8th May 2014.


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