Shaping the Future of Warwickshire’s Fire & Rescue Service

Shaping the Future

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16 Responses to Shaping the Future of Warwickshire’s Fire & Rescue Service

  1. Jackie Findlay says:

    I can’t find the dates and locations of the public road shows

  2. Hi Jackie, Dates & times of the Fire & Rescue consultation roadshows are as follows:

    Warwick District – Royal Priors Shopping Centre, Leamington Spa, Tuesday 6th May 10am-2pm

    North Warwickshire – Co-Op Car Park, Long Street, Atherstone, Saturday 10th May 10am – 2pm.

    Nuneaton & Bedworth – Ropewalk Shopping Centre, Nuneaton, Wednesday 14th May 10am – 2pm.

    Rugby Borough – Clock Towers Shopping Centre, Rugby, Thursday 15th May 10am – 2pm

    Stratford District – Bulls Head Yard Car Park (Waitrose), Alcester, Saturday 17th May 10am – 2pm

    Many thanks for your comment.

  3. Sheralyn byrom says:

    What if people can’t get online or to the council house bus fare ain’t cheap you know, we have as a community have right to a meeting with the people involved on making these cuts let us have our say

    • David Pemberton says:

      Hi Sheralyn, surveys are available at all fire stations and libraries and 5 road shows have been held across the County. Fire officers have also accepted requests to attend properly constituted and chaired pulbic meetings, such as community forums, in a range of locations.

  4. Mike Bunn says:

    This email was sent by me to Dave Pemberton (who replied to an earlier set of queries) on 30 April and I have not, to date, received a reply. Could you respond please before I send a completed final response form? Many thanks.

    A. The lack of cover by a crew at Alcester outside the peak period i.e. between 22.00 and 10.00 remains a major concern. However many statistics you can produce or what computers may churn out, the risk of a serious house fire and/or RTC remains a possibility which will take much longer to attend from Stratford or Bidford. An example would be if such an incident occurred at 0830 on a weekday morning in the Alcester area. The A46 between Stratford and Alcester is slow to gridlocked at that time; the road does not allow for easy overtaking by an emergency vehicle (as witnessed by me on a number of occasions). What is the availability of the Bidford RDS crew?
    I again reiterate my concerns about this proposal and urge WFRS to think again, seriously looking at keeping WT cover or reinstating a RDS crew to cover 2200-10.00.
    By the way, your note about availability in the western part of Warwickshire prior to 2010 is incorrect. Studley FS crews had excellent availability – I recall nearer to 100% more often than not. However, that is history.

    B. What is the response of your neighbours, Hereford & Worcester, to the Alcester proposals? Will they be able to respond from Redditch, or are they facing their own cuts?

    C. Regarding the example you gave about the availability of the Wellesbourne RDS crew, presumably non-availability could happen at any time. Is the WT crew from a hub expected to be available ‘just in case’ and what do they do if not needed?

    D. Do you invite responses from insurance companies? In light of the last reductions of service in 2010 and these proposals, I would have expected some concerns.

    • David Pemberton says:

      Hi Mike, apologies for the delay but I have now responded to your e-mail.

  5. Why bother having consultations when they are merely ‘window dressing’. The views of residents were completely ignored during the last re-organisation when many local fire stations were closed, so this is all just a waste of money

  6. Mark Smith says:

    Promises made in the past have been broken. The consultation is a farce, as proven by the last one where the public overwhelmingly voted for ‘no closures’ – but the stations still closed. Councillors and senior fire officers who can make a difference are not interested in public safety, only their pay and expenses. No suggestion for reduction in uniformed senior officers and councillors I note……..

    • David Pemberton says:

      Hi Mark, thanks for your comments. I’d like to reassure you that this is a valid consultation process and that all views and comments that we receive will be considered before any reccomendations are made to the Fire Authority. On a specific point, you will find that the proposals do include a reduction in the number of uniformed senior managers.
      David Pemberton.

  7. Maureen Thomas says:

    Hear hear Mark

  8. M Lewis says:

    Having considered the reasons to reorganize Alcester station, is in our opposition not acceptable,
    Costs savings which is this exercise, when Alcester and district is developing at an alarming rate.
    We the rate payers are entitled to rest that help is at hand when at risk, you may say, our records show that call outs are the greater risk between 10 & 10, its unknown when an incident
    occurs .statistics. are only guide , as proved recently with house fires outside the proposed full time attendants, The Fire and Rescue Service is an insurance policy for the community and needs to be served when great at risk, not by the delay for retained to attend or Stratford or Bidford to arrive. The cost which has been invested in Alcester station needs to be released to its full potential.

    statistics are a wonderful tool to plan the future, but the inevitable will occur, did the service expect to loos Four fire fighters a few years ago on a Friday evening.

    I understand the call out time to attend a incident is being extended to enable to comply with the proposals.

    Alcester Station should remain a full time station for the interest of the community.

    Your web information is poor, as such many members of the public may not have commented.

  9. A Thomas says:

    Can you confirm there is a public meeting in Nuneaton on Thursday evening? Can you clarify the purpose & invitees?

    • James Collins says:

      We are meeting the the public and would like to hear from anyone that would like to come along and discuss the proposals in detail.

      We will be in Nuneaton during the evening of Thursday 19th June.

      The forum will give the attendees some general information about what the Fire and Rescue Service does, specific information about the emergency incidents we respond to and the opportunity to discuss the proposals.

      For further information and to register your interest in attending the meeting (maximum space for 25 people) please ring 01926 423 231 and ask for David Pemberton.

  10. Tricia Elliott says:

    Nuneaton Thursday evening? Just for 25 people? That is hardly “meeting the public of Nuneaton” is it? I know you popped over one Wednesday in May between 10 and 2, but most of us were at work, If you are going to call it a “public consultation” then do you not need to make it actually public? And publicize it somewhere other than hidden in the small print of a website?

  11. Margery Pickering says:

    I think that all cuts should be made at headquarters first, not stations. The possibility of a fire engine getting from Stratford on Avon to the Alcester in 10 minutes when Alcester fire station is shut for the night is questionable. Just don’t have a house fire between 10p.m. and 10a.m. in the Alcester area or have a serious car accident. Let’s just save money so that the wealthy can pay less in tax!

  12. Thank you for all your comments which will be included as part of the consultation process. This consultation is now closed and the results will be publicised here when they are available in early Autumn. Once again thank you for taking let us know your views.

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