Help us tell the story of Our Warwickshire


Heritage and Culture Warwickshire is in the first round of a Heritage Lottery Bid. The bid will fund physical improvements to Market Hall Museum, based in Warwick Town Centre, to help us tell the story of Our Warwickshire. It will focus on exploring Warwickshire’s cultural identity by telling the stories of Warwickshire people, places and events. This will be complemented by a virtual gateway to celebrate and share Warwickshire’s heritage. Communities and enthusiasts from across the county will be able to upload content, share their stories, organise events and encourage others to take part and get involved.

As part of the bid process we are carrying out consultation across Warwickshire to find out how residents see the Market Hall Museum and the digital element going forward.

Your feedback is vital to ensure that the residents across Warwickshire have the best opportunity to engage with their heritage.  Please complete the online survey by clicking here. This survey should take 15-20 minutes, thank you for your time.

Deadline for completion of the survey is Friday 11th April 2014.

For regular updates on the progress of the Our Warwickshire project and to be included in further consultation, please sign up to our regular newsletter here. Our Warwickshire Newsletter

The project is in partnership with Warwickshire Local History Society and Friends of Warwickshire County Record Office.


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