Warwickshire County Council and Coventry City Council Permit Scheme

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Warwickshire County Council and Coventry City Council are seeking views and questions from those affected and other interested parties on the introduction of a Permit Scheme.

From your responses, the Councils will consider whether any changes are required to the Permit Scheme, or whether clarification of the scope or operation of the scheme is required.

What is a Permit Scheme?

A Permit Scheme provides a consistent way to control activities in the highway.  It is essential that all activities in the highway are effectively coordinated and managed to ensure that traffic disruption and inconvenience is minimised whilst allowing companies such as utility companies and works by the Council the necessary time and space to complete their work.

The Permit Scheme differs from existing powers for managing activities on the street in a number of key ways:-

(i)         Companies e.g utility companies or local authorities have to book occupation of the highway for activities and obtain a permit instead of simply giving notice;

(ii)        Any changes to activities need to be requested and agreed, including extensions;

(iii)       The Council can apply conditions to activities to impose constraints, e.g. method of working and times when work can be carried out;

You will find full details of the Permit Scheme here which sets out how the scheme will operate and the associated costs.

The Permit Scheme consultation document provides an overview of the scheme and how to have to your say.

Where appropriate, it would be beneficial to make reference a specific Section or paragraph in the Permit Scheme document, to provide context for the response and to enable the Council to provide the necessary consideration or response.

A response can be made on any section of the Permit Scheme or in relation to the overall scope or objective of the Permit Scheme.

Responses are welcomed from individuals, organisations or those representing an interested party or organisation.

To have your say or to request paper copies of the Permit Scheme consultation document contact:

  Warwickshire County Council Coventry City Council
Council Website  www.warwickshire.gov.uk/ask http://www.coventry.gov.uk/consultations
Contact Address Streetworks Team

Budbrooke Depot

Old Budbrooke Road


CV35 7DP

Traffic and Network ManagementCoventry City CouncilCivic Centre 4, Floor 8

Much Park Street



Contact Email  streetworks@warwickshire.gov.uk trafficmanagement@coventry.gov.uk
Contact Phone  01926 412515 024 7683 2062


The consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks, starting on the 7th April and closing on 30th May 2014.




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