Proposals for new arrangements for funding services delivered by the Third Sector and to Town and Parish Councils

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Warwickshire County Council has a long standing and valued relationship with the Third Sector (Voluntary and Community Sector). The Third Sector has significant expertise in direct work with communities, and particularly with those of our residents who are vulnerable or in need. The variety and spread of the Sector across Warwickshire means that many people benefit from the work it delivers, and these local organisations are trusted and valued by the people that use them.

Public Sector budgets have been under heavy strain for several years now, with further cutbacks scheduled for the coming years. This pressure on the public purse means that the County Council can’t continue to deliver services as it has in the past. The relationships that we have got with partners across both the Private and the Third Sectors are more important than ever in working with us to find creative solutions so as to stretch the budget to meet community needs.

Find the detail of the consultation including the savings targets here.

Earlier this year we carried out a survey to find out what sort of help and support groups, volunteers and WCC service commissioners (people who buy services for the council) need in the future.  The results are here and have been used to shape this consultation

To have your say:

  • For questions about the consultation process or for help in letting us know your views please call 01926 456102 or email

The closing date for this consultation is 12 February 2015.


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