Warwickshire Admission Arrangements Consultation 2016/17

Warwickshire County Council is consulting on its admission arrangements and coordinated admissions scheme for the 2016/17 academic year. The local authority is also consulting on new admissions arrangements to maintained nursery schools.

Oversubscription criteria for schools under the local authority’s control are unchanged for 2016/17. Two minor changes to the operational aspects of the scheme are proposed.

The first change is that parents applying for a secondary school place will be able to list six schools (preferences) on their application, instead of the seven currently allowed. This will align the process with primary, and in-year applications, which already allow only six preferences. Only eleven parents listed seven preferences for 2014 entry.

The second change is that waiting lists will continue to be cleared at the end of each academic term. However, rather than writing to parents and asking if they would like their child to remain on a school’s waiting list, the onus will be on parents to contact the Admissions Service. This will be made clear to parents as soon as their child is added to a school’s waiting list.

We would welcome your views on the proposals and any comments should be sent to Emily Sexon (emilysexon@warwickshire.gov.uk) by 30th January 2015. All comments will then be made available to elected members as part of the decision making process.

To find out more about the proposals, please click on the links below:

WCC Admission Arrangements for 2016-17 and Coordinated Scheme

WCC Nursery Schools Admissions Policy 2016-17





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