Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Consultation – Phase 2



Under changes made in the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010, Warwickshire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) responsible for managing local flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses in the County. The Council must assist in the management of local flood risk and develop, monitor and apply a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy.

The Strategy has been consulted on twice, firstly between January and March 2015 to which we received 43 responses. A Consultation response paper was published on the website and is available below. The updated Strategy then went to a second round of consultation in September 2015, when a further 31 responses were received. Again, the responses and associated actions have been published as a Consultation response paper and are available by following the link below. Both consultation rounds sought to reach out to those affected by flooding and included roadshows in town centres in the five Districts and Boroughs.

During the first round of consultation, the draft Surface Water Management Plan (or SWMP, an Appendix to the Strategy) outlined the methodology for prioritising flooding locations across the County. During the second round of consultation, the SWMP included a prioritised list of flooding locations across the County. It is anticipated that this will be used to prioritise:

  • Applications for external funding for investment;
  • Additional flood spend approved by the County Council in February 2014, especially with respect to the monies being used for match-funding for flood alleviation schemes, for specialist CCTV and jetting of culverts, and for applications from parish and town councils and community groups for flood grants;
  • Investigation of flooding incidents.

The Strategy and SWMP are living documents, designed to be used rather than shelved. They are a documented ‘snap shot in time’ of how local flood risk is managed and where the current local flood risk priorities are. We have therefore proposed an annual refresh as part of the Strategy monitoring and review (Section 7 of the Strategy document).

The buttons below link to the draft Strategy and other information you may find useful, including the Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Habitats Regulation Assessment  for the Strategy. If you have any questions, please contact flooding@warwickshire.gov.uk



Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and Appendices

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Habitat Regulations Assessment 

Response to First Phase of Public Consultation


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