Sufficiency Strategy for Education

Warwickshire County Council is consulting on the Sufficiency Strategy for Education. The sufficiency strategy is designed to help deliver the vision for Education and Learning across Warwickshire that:
Every child and young person in Warwickshire will:
• Attend a good or outstanding school or setting;
• Achieve well whatever their starting point or circumstances; and
• Go on to a positive destination 
In that context, the Sufficiency Strategy 2015 will help schools, parents, council staff, local partners and stakeholders understand how Warwickshire County Council plans and provides school places to ensure that all children and young people thrive in sustainably good or outstanding schools and settings throughout their education, wherever they live.
It sets out the principles underpinning school place planning; the ways in which places will be delivered, the information which will be used and the way we work with people to deliver high quality, accessible schools and early years places for all learners.
The consultation is running from Friday 9th October to Friday 27th November.
Please find below presentation slides from each of our consultation events across the County:
Please see HERE Frequently Asked Questions
 If you have any feedback relating to the sufficiency strategy or any specific questions, please contact us at

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