Warwick Town Centre


Public to be consulted on Warwick town centre improvements

Warwickshire County Council is launching a public consultation to ask Warwick residents and businesses their opinions on proposed improvement ideas for the town centre.

Following a transport strategy review of the Warwick and Leamington area in 2014/15, a number of transport proposals that could help improve air quality, reduce stationary traffic  and improve journeys for pedestrians and cyclists in Warwick town centre have been identified.

While recognising that Warwick is a thriving County town, a range of issues in the town centre were highlighted by the review, including poor air quality, local pinch points for traffic, a lack of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, a high proportion of through traffic and a large number of local trips by car.

Proposed ideas include a new 20mph zone for the town centre; wider pavements and new crossing points for pedestrians; improved cycle links; changes to traffic routes; junction alterations at key town centre gateways; priority signals for buses; and reduced street clutter.

A public exhibition of the proposals will launch on Thursday 7 July 2016 at the Warwick Town Community Forum (WarwickSpace, Coten End, Warwick). A public exhibition will also be held in the Market Place outside Shire Hall on Friday 8 July and Saturday 9 July (10am-4pm).

Representatives from Warwickshire County Council’s Transport Planning will be in attendance to answer any queries.

Alternatively, you can go online at www.warwickshire.gov.uk/warwicktowncentre to see details of the proposals (the website will be live from Friday 8 July 2016).

Feedback forms will be available to complete at the exhibition or online at www.warwickshire.gov.uk/warwicktowncentre

Subject to securing the necessary funding, the proposals could be delivered in the next 2 to 5 years, although the opportunity exists to bring in some of the proposals, such as a 20mph speed limit in the town centre and alterations to the junction at Northgate, in 2016/17.

To access the survey please click here to give your opinion.


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