Heathcote Primary School Consultation

The Academies Act 2010 & Public Consultation

People wishing to participate in the consultation can complete the online questionnaire HERE.

 An important step in opening the school is the signing of a Funding Agreement. This is the contract between the school’s Trust and the Secretary of State for Education – it outlines how the school must operate in certain areas, the obligations placed upon it by the Government, and key Guidelines and Codes it must adhere to, amongst other things.

Section 10 of the Academies Act 2010 requires the Trustees to carry out a consultation before the Funding Agreement can be completed:

“Section 10 Consultation: additional schools.

(1) Before entering into Academy arrangements with the Secretary of State in relation to an additional school, a person must consult such persons as the person thinks appropriate.

(2) The consultation must be on the question of whether the arrangements should be entered into.”

This document outlines key questions that the Trust thinks people should consider the process by which people can respond, and what will happen to responses.


Actions arising from the consultation

All responses received will be read and considered by the Trust directors, and will be documented in the summary of the consultation. This will be submitted to the Secretary of State in order to allow her to consider it as she draws up the Funding Agreement for the school. A summary of the findings will be published at a later date on the Community Academies Trust official website at Community Academies Trust.

The Trust will notify interested parties of the publication via Warwickshire County Council’s website, email list and social networks.


What is being proposed?

Heathcote Primary School is proposed to open in September 2017 as 1 form of entry school with 30 places available in years; Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. There will also be onsite provision for a Nursery.

The school has been designed in such a way that it can be expanded to 2 forms of entry (60 places per year) as the local housing developments grow. This ensures school places are somewhat protected for local children.

The Heathcote Primary School will be in a new building that will boast state of the art facilities and will provide an exciting learning environment for your child. However, more important than outstanding facilities it is the Trust’s belief that every child really does matter and that all children should feel safe, happy and secure in an environment where they can strive for success and enjoy school.



What is a Free School?

In essence, free Schools are publicly funded state schools but are independently managed with oversight from local people and families. Each operates in accordance with a funding agreement which is agreed directly between the school and the national Education Funding Agency, which operates on behalf of the Department for Education. The school and its Trust then work in close partnership with the local authority to ensure that the provision meets the need of the children and young people and their families, and provide best outcomes.   Free Schools are established in a way that is intended to be “creative” and “innovative” in order to give them the freedom considered necessary to deal with the long-term issues they are intended to solve.

Funding Arrangements – In principle, free schools receive the same level of per-pupil funding as they would receive from the local authority as maintained schools, plus additions to cover the services that are no longer provided for them by the local authority. However, free schools have greater freedom over how they use their budgets to best benefit their students.

In many respects the requirements which apply to maintained schools also apply to academies. For example:

  • The principles of governance are the same in free schools as in maintained schools, although the governing body has greater autonomy. Free schools are required to have at least two parent governors.
  • Free schools are required to follow the law and guidance on admissions, special educational needs and exclusions as if they were maintained schools.
  • Free schools have to ensure that the school will be at the heart of its community, collaborating and sharing facilities and expertise with other schools and the wider community.


Our Vision and Ethos for the new School

The Community Academies Trust is a successful school based sponsor and Heathcote Primary School will join three other primary schools in Warwick and Stratford who are also part of the Trust.  The Community Academies Trust has a track record of ensuring excellence and has supported schools to achieve and sustain outstanding provision.

Community Academies Trust is based on a fundamental belief that all young people have talent and the potential to achieve more than they ever thought possible. That achievement will be in three main areas:

  • Academic: Excellent standards and outstanding progress are a prerequisite for success in life equipping young people with the skills and knowledge they will need to be successful, happy and productive citizens.
  • Social: Excellent relationships for learning are a prerequisite for all other achievements. Relationships that engender mutual respect between young people, and all other members of our academies’ communities will ensure learning can be fun in a disciplined and caring environment where the highest expectations are the norm.
  • Personal: All young people achieve things they can be proud of every day in addition to academic success and outside our school’s planned curriculum. We have a vital role in ensuring individuals develop their own talents and interests and have a responsibility to instil in them a sense of pride in who they are and what they achieve.



Community Academies Trust would like to invite you to attend their information evening where you will find out more information about Heathcote Primary School and meet members of the Trust:

DATE:     13th October 2016

TIME:       6 – 7.30pm

VENUE:  Trident Centre, Trident Centre, Warwickshire College, Trident Park, Poseidon Way, Warwick CV34 6SW


The consultation period will run from Monday 8th August to Friday 21st October 2016.




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