Heritage and Culture Warwickshire


**This Consultation is now closed**

Heritage & Culture Warwickshire (HCW) provides a wide range of services that safeguard and promote Warwickshire’s archives, human history and natural sciences and provide residents and visitors with opportunities to engage with our heritage through high quality education activities and events programmes.

We operate two museum sites in Warwick which are open to the public all year round. These are Market Hall Museum and St Johns House Museum. In addition we provide access to Warwickshire’s archives through the Warwickshire County Record Office, Warwick.

HCW is part way through a programme of transformation, to provide an enhanced offer to the public through:

  • The refurbishment of the Market Hall Museum, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Development of new education and learning programmes, to meet the needs of the new curriculum and new displays at the Market Hall Museum
  • Greater online access to Warwickshire’s collections

The Service is facing significant financial challenge, with the need to make savings of 43% (£478,000) to its budget over the financial period 2014 – April 2017. HCW has already found some of the savings, through reductions in staffing across all areas of operation and cuts to expenditure budgets e.g. stopping the Key Arts Clients Programme, but still has savings of £261,000 to find.

We have identified potential ways of making these additional savings, and are collecting the views of our visitors, partners, funders, staff and volunteers to inform the decisions we now have to make.


This questionnaire can be completed and returned by post, or completed and submitted online. Other consultation opportunities will also be held at the ‘Our Warwickshire’ project events at County Libraries and public forums.

If assistance is required to complete the questionnaire then this can be found at any of our County Libraries, St John’s House Museum and Warwickshire County Record Office or by contacting us at

Tel: Michelle Alexander 01926 418127

Email: hcwresponse@warwickshire.gov.uk

The questionnaire is in 5 sections. If you are not a user of a particular service we provide, you can move on to the next section. There is an opportunity to provide any further feedback at the end, as well as optional text boxes for specific questions.

The consultation will run from 5th September 2016 to 31st October 2016. Returns will then be analysed, and will be considered alongside other consultation activity, to enable the Cabinet of Warwickshire County Council to make informed decisions on the future of these services.

Results are in…

Please note pages 57 – 60 of the survey results have been removed as they contain personal details.




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