65/66 Public Bus Service Consultation Response

Warwickshire County Council recently carried out a modified consultation on proposed changes to the County Council financially supported 65/66 Public Bus service following notification by the Operator that the service was no longer commercially viable.

The Council produced a proposed alternative service timetable and included it with the consultation.

The consultation period ran from the 12th to 25th September 2016 and a total of 46 emails (including 3 separate general Parish Council submissions) and 10 written submissions were received.

All submissions were studied in full and all key points noted. A list of common concerns was compiled and considered with a view to modifying the proposed alternative service timetable. As a result, a modified tender was submitted and Stagecoach have successfully bid to operate this from Sunday 18th December 2016, thereby ensuring minimal disruption to service users.

Any suggested alternative timetables and tenders were required to take into account current County Council financial constraints and existing commercial (not financially supported) services in the area.

The most common concerns received are listed below in BOLD with explanations as to how the County Council have attended to them.

Ensure a bus service is provided to Leamington.

A service will continue to operate between Napton and Leamington via Southam, Bishops Itchington and Harbury.

Retain a shopping service to Daventry and Banbury.

A Saturday Market Day service to Banbury from Southam, Harbury and Bishops Itchington will be available. Alternative services exist for the Thursday Market Day. The request for a shopping service to Daventry is unable to be met due to very poor patronage on this section of the route.

Retain a peak bus service to Leamington.

A peak Leamington service from Daventry/Napton and Bishops Itchington/Harbury has been retained.

Retain current level of service.

This request is unable to be met due to poor usage on many journeys. Current financial constraints dictate an inability to continue subsidising at the current level.

Retain Daventry to Leamington service.

A peak service from Daventry to Leamington has been retained. Other journeys have been withdrawn due to poor patronage and the expiry of Section 106 funding from the developers of Tesco in Southam.

Retain Banbury to Leamington service.

All Banbury Market Day services have been retained however other services have been withdrawn due to low patronage. A regular rail service exists between Leamington and Banbury.

Provide a service for Ladbroke.

A new Saturday service to Banbury from the centre of the village has been created by Stagecoach. Other services have been withdrawn due to low patronage. An alternative service exists via the uBus service (Tel: 01789 264491).

Reduction in service for Tachbrook Rd, Leamington Spa.

There will be no reduction in service for the Tachbrook Rd with a new Town service provided by Stagecoach.

Provide an early evening journey to Leamington.

This request was added to the revised tender and an additional evening journey will be available.

Retain a Friday/Saturday evening service.

Following negotiation, Stagecoach have agreed to retain a Friday and Saturday evening service to Leamington.

Retain a Sunday service.

Services to Bishops Itchington, Harbury and Southam will remain unchanged.

The revised service timetable will be available shortly via www.stagecoachbus.com, www.warwickshire.gov.uk/buses, via Twitter @WCCBusServices.

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One Response to 65/66 Public Bus Service Consultation Response

  1. Scott Spence says:

    Thank you for taking the public view into account and for posting such clear information on what happened. I’m sure not everybody will be thrilled with the outcomes but the process was well run. Well done. Look forward to seeing the new timetable soon (and hope it can get my family to where they need to get to at the right times!!)

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