Warwickshire Fire and Rescue draft Integrated Risk Management Plan

Have your say on our Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 2017/2020.


Proposals within the draft IRMP 2017-20 include:

  • Identifying further opportunities to develop collaborative working with neighbouring Fire and Rescue Service’s and West Mercia/Warwickshire police
  • Maximising the flexibility and utility of our workforce
  • Developing the use of emerging technology
  • Using our capacity to improve wider community health and social care outcomes

Have your say

The consultation on the draft IRMP for 2017- 20 is now underway and will last until 10th March 2017. During this time the Service will consult with the public, key partners, stakeholders and members of staff.

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2 Responses to Warwickshire Fire and Rescue draft Integrated Risk Management Plan

  1. justin kerridge says:

    That was a lot of nice words but I can’t find the Action plan which would detail what is actually proposed. There is nothing I can make a meaningful comment upon in this document

    • Warwickshire Observatory says:

      Thank you for taking the time to engage in the IRMP consultation process, and for your feedback on how the survey is designed.

      The Action Plan is attached as a document at the bottom of the page called ‘Draft IRMP Action Plan 2017/18’

      The survey, and in particular the response mechanism that is based on the respondents degree of concern, is a design that has been used for sometime by WCC, across a range of consultations regarding different WCC service areas and proposals for change. It is also a common standard in use by a large number of other Fire and Rescue Service’s when conducting their own IRMP consultations.

      ​We have in the past used a survey based on a respondents degree of agreement – but this attracted a fair degree of criticism, with respondents complaining that there was no option of expressing their concern even if they reluctantly had to agree with the proposal.

      We always aim to provide consultation in a way that secures the best quality of feedback possible. Free text boxes are provided for respondents to add their own comments should they feel that their views cannot be adequately expressed through the standard question/response mechanism.

      Once again, thank you for your feedback, which will prove very useful when we review the approach taken on this occasion.

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