Proposed Increase in Numbers at Ettington Primary School



This letter is to advise you of proposals concerning Ettington Primary School and to invite you to tell us what you think of the proposals. This is part of a statutory consultation process that Warwickshire County Council is managing in partnership with the Church of England Diocese and the Governing Body. The proposal is:

1) To increase the capacity at Ettington Primary School from 175 pupils to 210 pupils (1 form of entry). The published admission number (PAN) will increase from 25 to 30, meaning the school will grow by 35 pupils across all year groups.
Why Change?
The proposed increase in capacity at Ettington Primary School is related to the general rise in the population of primary aged pupils living in the priority area, which is the result of the higher birth rate and new housing developments being experienced by the County as a whole.
Increasing the PAN to 30 will mean the school can operate as a 1 form of entry primary school and there will not be a need to ‘mix classes’.

It is proposed that the school would open in September 2017 as a 1 form of entry school meaning the school would be able to accommodate an additional 35 pupil across all year groups.

Building consequences

This letter concerns the statutory process of increasing the capacity from 175 to 210. It is proposed to refurbish the existing mobile on site which is currently used primarily for before and after school clubs to provide the additional classroom required.

The school are working with the before and after school club provider ‘Denim’ to identify an alternative area within the school building to use for this valuable provision. The school are confident they would still be able to provide a good before / after school club, with the possibility of larger accommodation which would enable more children to attend.
What is the proposed timetable?
• November 2016: The County Council’s Cabinet gave approval for the proposal to go out for consultation
• 11th January 2017 – 10th February 2017: Consultation with parents and the local community to take into account the views expressed regarding the proposals to increase in capacity.
• 9th March 2017: If the Cabinet agree to the proposals, the decision will be implemented with the expansion being completed in time for September 2017.
Have Your Say…
As an integral part of this process, we are inviting you to take part in this consultation. We welcome your views on the proposed changes raised in this letter and all viewpoints will be taken into account before deciding to publish formal proposals.
Feedback can be given in the following ways;
In writing to:
Access & Organisation
Building 3, Saltisford Office Park
Ansell Way
CV34 4UL
via E-mail:

or, by completing the attached survey.




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