The Local Authority is currently responsible for setting school term and holiday dates for all Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools. To date, the majority of Voluntary Aided, Foundation and Academy schools have followed the same term and holiday dates.

Traditional principles used in Warwickshire

A number of ‘guiding principles’ have traditionally been used to set the pattern of terms and holidays and every effort is always made to adhere to as many of the following as possible:

  1. 195 days from which the five teacher days are taken;
  2. Two of the five days defined by the local authority, one at the start of the autumn and  spring terms; the other three to be set by schools;
  3. Complete weeks wherever possible;
  4. A three weekend break at Christmas and Easter;
  5. A summer break as close to six weeks as possible;
  6. A pattern which is as consistent as possible with neighbouring authorities.

In attempting to adhere to the above principles, Warwickshire’s calendars have occasionally differed from those set by neighbouring authorities. The previous process followed by Warwickshire was for officers from the West Midlands authorities to meet in January to discuss potential options and seek to achieve a consensus. However, with the presence of more Multi Academy Trusts spanning across authorities it is more of a complex issue to agree term dates and training days than ever before. The impact of these decisions being home to school transport costs.

Options for 2018/9 (attached PDFs)

Option 1: School would begin the academic year on Monday 3rd September and continue through till the 22nd of July, although the pupils would finish the year on the 19th. Christmas holidays would be for 2 weeks from the 21st of December till the 7th of January which is a teacher training day so the pupils would return on the 8th.

Option 2:  School would begin on the 3rd of September and continue through to the 29th of July for teachers with pupils breaking up the Friday before (the 26th). This would result in a 5 week summer holiday with an extra week holiday in the October half term from the 19th October till the 5th of November.

Option 3:  Here the term would start on the 3rd September for staff and on the 4th for pupils, and continue through till the 22nd of July, although the pupils would finish the year on the 19th. The first half term would extend from the 19th to the 29th of October and Christmas break would begin on the 21st of December.

Next steps

Comments on the proposed options are invited. These should be returned to or via the feedback questionnaire using the following link

Comments should be submitted by 31st January 2017.

All comments received will be considered before a recommendation is put forward to the Portfolio Holder for Education for a decision. The calendar for the 2018/19 academic year will then be published in June.







  1. Lisa says:

    Option 2


    Option 1 seems very realistic

  3. Alison says:

    Option two sounds fantastic.
    All children in autumn term particularly the little ones. It is so long.
    Teachers massively struggle too! And need the half term!
    This would financially help parents as well slightly reducing the summer holiday.
    Private schools have had two weeks in October for years and it works brilliantly!

  4. Lydia Abel says:

    I think option 3 would be best as it breaks down the first term whilst giving a 6 week holiday.

  5. John Brine says:

    Option 1 please.

  6. jackie gibbs says:

    option 1 is the best option – not worth having 2 weeks in October , as nothing much open then to do with kids and weather could be bad wet – would be interested in knowing the college holidays as with children in school and college they all need to be at the same time. Why change what ive known since the 70’s


  8. Miriam Paget-Kent says:

    Option 3 please

  9. louise says:

    I don’t feel there is any need to change the timetable and i think having two weeks off in October is unsuitable as that isn’t the time of year families like to get away.
    If change is needed then maybe consider finishing the school year earlier than 22/7 like Ireland and Scotland.

  10. Ian Lockren says:

    Option one has worked really well over the years with full weeks and retaining the 6 week holiday in the summer – much needed long break for everyone. Although the two-weeks half term in October would break up the long Autumn term, families might find it difficult to manage compared to the, hopefully, better weather in the summer.

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