The National Highways and Transport Network Survey

The National Highways and Transport Network (NHT) Public Satisfaction Survey collects public perspectives on, and satisfaction with, Highway and Transport services in Local Authority areas.

It is a unique, standardised, collaboration between Highway Authorities across the UK enabling comparison, knowledge sharing, and the potential to improve efficiencies by the sharing of good practice.

It gives the Council:

  • A better understanding of how it is performing in the eyes of the public
  • A consistent datum for setting service levels and a means of measuring the impact of service improvements
  • Access to the best performers and the opportunity to learn from the good practice of others
  • Full transparency of data for benchmarking purposes

In 2016 more than 3000 questionnaires were posted out across Warwickshire to residents chosen at random by market research specialist, Ipsos MORI.

Details of the survey and results can be found at NHT Website.

We will be taking part in the survey again in 2017 with the questionnaire expected to be sent to residents in June, with results published in October. Since the survey is a based on a sample, we urge you to take part if you receive a questionnaire. If selected you will be able to complete the survey online if you prefer.


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