Warwickshire Information and Advice survey


Warwickshire County Council is looking to improve how easy it is for our customers, residents, staff and partners to find the information and advice they are looking for online.

To help us we are asking for feedback on websites and directories of local services that belong to other local authorities. We’d like to know what you like and dislike about these sites.

We’ve chosen the five sites below because they are either considered very good, or they have some specific features that we are interested in providing to Warwickshire residents. We know the content of these sites is not about Warwickshire, but that does not matter as what we would like you to tell us is what you like about how the sites look and work. We also want to know what you don’t like.

Please complete our survey and tell us what you think. You can complete the survey on a few or all of the sites listed below, although if you were able to look at them all, we would be very grateful.

  1. Camden Care Choices
  2. Live Well Barnsley
  3. West Sussex Connect to Support
  4. Suffolk County Council Adult Social Care and Health
  5. Coventry City Council – Health and Social Care

The closing date for the survey is Monday 31 July 2017.


2 Responses to Warwickshire Information and Advice survey

  1. Danae Sheridan says:

    I looked at the Coventry Health and Social Care and I thought it was very good.

  2. Austrey Archery Group says:

    Looked at Live Well Barsnely, liked simple icons for navigation to sections and search facility with distance option

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